The Art of War for Nerds: SJWs Always Lie by Vox Day

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Even though he thinks I shouldn’t be allowed to vote, I have nothing but respect for the intellect of Vox Day.

Whatever his thinks of me personally, Day–the pen name of author Theodore Beale–is one of my favorite personalities on the Internet. Love him or hate him, all he cares about is protecting and preserving freedom, free speech, and American culture. While his objection to my having the franchise results from his “magic dirt” theory, fleshed out in his book Cuckservative, this is a review about his 2015 political/philosophical polemical, SJWs Always Lie.

All you need to know about SJWs are these three laws:

  1. SJWs always lie
  2. SJWs always double down
  3. SJWs always project

What is an SJW? SJW stands for “Social Justice Warrior.” Social justice . . . that sounds like a good, doesn’t it? An SJW must be some kind of hero, then.


SJWs are totalitarians who wrap themselves in the mantle of nobility. They are the apotheosis of the political correctness movement, activists for activism’s sake, consumed by a desire to help those they deem “oppressed.” SJWs are a mob defined by an irrational desire to silence all behavior that they deem “problematic” and offensive towards their chosen mascots. Typically on the political left, they push their fact-free narrative of how the world should be by infiltrating institutions and subverting them from the inside out. And if you say or do the wrong thing, if you even think the wrong thing, they will be out for your blood.

So who do SJWs hate? If you want to know if they might hate you, as yourself these questions:

  • Are you male? If not, do you like men?
  • Are you a white person? If not, do you like white people?
  • Are you straight? If not, do you like heterosexuals?
  • Are you religious? If not, do you coexist with the religious?
  • Are you a capitalist?
  • Do you believe in biological differences between men and women?
  • Do you think everybody should be judged by the content of their character?
  • Do you believe that equality means equality of opportunity and equality under the law?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these, congratulations! You’re officially a target!

As Day explains, SJWs are relentless. They will ruin their target’s livelihood, relationships, and lives without remorse, secure in the knowledge that they are on the vaunted “right side of history,” ravaging entire industries until they are remade in their own twisted image. Even if what SJWs agitate for sounds good, their goal is conformity in all aspects of life. Fear and intimidation are their weapons, and no matter the truth, they torture reality to fit their narrative.

In the universities, in the churches, in the corporations, in the professional associations, in the editorial offices, in the game studios, and just about everywhere else you can imagine, free speech and free thought are under siege by a group of fanatics as self-righteous as Savonarola, as ruthless as Stalin, as ambitious as Napoleon, and as crazy as Caligula.

–Vox Day, SJWs Always Lie, pg. 26

Why do they do this? What do they have to gain? Day goes into detail about their motivations and tactics, and strategies for how to successfully fend off the SJW horde should you find yourself in their cross-hairs. Even better, he outlines how freedom-loving people should strike back.

There’s a lot packed into this slim volume. Day is so smart it’s scary. I would say it’s worth purchasing for Chapter 10’s discussion of dialectic versus rhetoric alone. But there is so much more, including the tale of Day’s hilarious battle with sci-fi author John Scalzi and the entire Tor books establishment, and a history of the #GamerGate movement, which began as a protest against unethical video games journalism and turned into the first successful counterattack against SJWs.

This all seems very far-fetched, especially if you aren’t steeped in Internet culture. But make no mistake, SJWs are coming for you. Their reach extends into all aspects of life. What started out as a power grab in academia, literature, and film has even extended its slimy tentacles into the world of tabletop gaming (see the #NotAtMyTable lunacy). You will be affected eventually. But take heed: Those of us who love freedom are winning, thanks in large part to the efforts of men like Vox Day.

As quoted by Day, Sun Tzu’s aphorism rings true in the fight against this new thought police:

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.

–Sun Tzu

This is a war. Arm yourself with the knowledge you need to fight back. Well-written, practical, and inspiring, SJWs Always Lie is that knowledge. Highly recommended.

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4 thoughts on “The Art of War for Nerds: SJWs Always Lie by Vox Day

    1. The Daytime Renegade says:

      I think we can agree to disagree on that. I don’t agree with the man 100% on everything (see: me being allowed to vote), but even if you don’t like his conclusions, I don’t think it’s fair to say that he’s not an intelligent man who does his research on a variety of issues.

      That said, thanks for stopping by! I checked out your blog and it looks very interesting. I’m looking forward to reading your stuff!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. The Daytime Renegade says:

      Thanks Rawle.

      I think we all need it, no matter your politics. It’s good advice for intellectual and ideological warfare in general, even outside of the SJW context.


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