Why the Future Is Bright

The world is a cruel, crazy place, but don’t despair! Despite all of the evil and insanity, we have every reason to be optimistic for the future.

Am I crazy? Nope. I just recognize the fact that chaos creates opportunity. It’s the principle of creative destruction: Creation of the new and better oftentimes requires the destruction of what no longer works. And while nature abhors a vacuum, I don’t think that this time the forces of command and control have the upper hand. Here’s why:

  • Close to zero trust in the media. People are awake to the lies and propaganda. And thanks to the Internet, new media, and citizen journalists, we’re doing something to end this stranglehold.
  • Insanity’s overreach. For too long, the anti-science, anti-reason, and anti-nature control freaks of social justice have been gobbling up and vomiting out all over culture, education, race, and gender relations. No more. People are fighting back, and winning.
  • Renewed interest in culture and community. Young men are getting back into marriage and fatherhood. Young women are realizing yet again that men are not the enemy. People are rediscovering God and culture and service and philosophy in a healthy way. This will ensure a stable structure in the aftermath if and when things do go crazy.
  • Free speech is cool again. Thank God for the grand American traditions of rugged individualism and anti-authoritarianism. Want to turn Americans against you? Tell us we can’t do something.

  • Independent arts. Whether in books, movies, music, video games, or comics, an independent spirit has infused creators. No longer are the gatekeepers, and their politics, influencing everything in a one-sided way. In fact, many independent creators eschew politics altogether! Now that’s a revolution we should all be able to get behind.
  • Politics! Legacy parties are dead or dying. Upstarts on the left and the right are changing everything. The old guard has lost nearly all credibility. No matter what happens, things will never be the same.

There is so much that is exciting and encouraging in the air. If you can’t feel it, you’re not paying attention or you’re one of the few who have a lot to lose.

Well too bad. The status quo is being shaken up, and when it settles, we’ll all be in a different place. The difference this time is that a lot of signs point to this new place being better than the old.

What else have you seen that gives you hope for the future?

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5 thoughts on “Why the Future Is Bright

      1. rawlenyanzi says:

        This is the best time to fight all of this stupidity and these bad ideas. People have had enough and the pendulum is swinging HARD.

        Striking while the iron is hot. I love it!

        Liked by 2 people

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