My Guest Post on This Dad Does

Neil White is a cool guy from Scotland who runs the best fatherhood blog around, This Dad Does. I found him on Twitter via Mike Cernovich linking to Neil’s review of Mike’s book Gorilla Mindset. After reading that, I started poking around Neil’s site and quickly became a fan. 

Inspired, I even started blogging myself (see my review of Gorilla Mindset here.) I have written about Neil before, but in case you missed that post, allow me to quote myself:

Fatherhood has made something of a resurgence recently, and thank God for that. Thanks to people like Neil White, there’s a ton of good information out there for dads and dads-to-be. This Dad Does covers so much it’s tough to summarize, but here goes: money, fitness, relationships, time-management, man-skills, home repair, motivation, mindset, cooking…and yes, I’ve missed a lot.

As you can see, This Dad Does tackles a lot of subjects. What I like best about the site, aside from Neil’s writing, is that he gives actionable tips in each post and he isn’t shilling for anybody. His advice is 100% real, and it’s great as a father to have his site as a resource.

So imagine my surprise and delight when Neil asked me to do a guest post on This Dad Does. Of course, I agreed, and Neil has just posted it today:

How Classical Literature Makes You A Better Dad

Enjoy, and be sure to keep reading This Dad Does. Neil will have to write a guest post here sometime soon!

Find Neil on Twitter @ThisDadDoes and on Instagram here

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