Living with Wolves 

A house divided cannot stand, right?

It depends on what the division we’re talking about is. If we’re talking about the appropriate tax rate or how long prison sentence is should be, sure, you can survive division. Coexistence is certainly possible.

But if you are talking about those that literally want to destroy you, how can you coexist?

Living with those who want to murder gays just for being gay, treat women as third-class citizens, and stone apostates to death doesn’t sound fun to me.

But that is what a certain ideology wants to create here in the United States. 

Ideology? Which kind, the objective or the subjective?

We’ve already discussed how there are two types keep people: Those with an objective set of standards against which they measure their behavior and beliefs, and those who create their own standards of morality based on what they personally think and feel. The chances of ever changing the latter’s mind are slim, because for them to admit wrong would be to shatter their entire worldview. 

But you can’t overlook that those with an objective set of standards might happen to have a particularly bad set of standards. 

What if those standards happen to include killing or subjugating you and everybody like you?

You know, like what the Islamic terrorists believe? 

Change the standards, you might say, and you change he minds. 

Easier said than done. 

The standards themselves–legal, reigious, and otherwise–are tough to change, especially when they’ve been around for milennia. This is why you’d better pray that those standards are based on objectively true principles. 

Again, presupposing you can find the answer to the question, “What is truth?”

As the Orlando attacks, and other terrorist attacks here and Europe have shown, this problem isn’t just philosophical. It’s real. 

How do you coexist with the wolf that’s trying to knock down your door, come inside your house, and eat you and your family?

If two world-views are completely incompatible to the point of violence, and unable to ever coexist peacefully, what do you do?

As the terrorists have made clear many, many times, two options are: kill or convert. At least, those are the choices that they provide their victims. 

Kill or Convert 

Most Americans, as far as I can see, will not convert to Islam. And most radical Muslims will not convert either.

We hold religious freedom to be sacred here in the U.S., but the First Amendmenr does not protect bullets and bombs as valid forms of religious expression.

So then there’s the “kill” option. Eliminate everybody who opposes you. That sounds a lot like genocide to me. I am not a fan of genocide.

I believe in fighting back, of course, on the terms your enemy dictates. You never want to start a fight, but you have a duty to finish it. 

Again though, that presupposes some formal declaration of war. In this new fourth-generation warfare, this does not happen. When your enemy doesn’t wear uniform, has no real standing army, does not bow down to anyone one government, target civilians, and picks you off piece by piece through guerilla warfare tactics, what do you do?

I do not think the answer is to proactively go out and “kill ’em all.” You don’t go dropping the nukes willy-nilly, unless circumstances dictate (See: Japan).

It’s easy to joke that a well-placed nuke at Mecca or Medina might stop a lot of this madness. But who in their right mind is going to do that? Could you really sleep at night?

I’d worry about someone who says that they could. Even Harry Truman wasn’t gung-ho about nuking Japan. 

So kill and convert off the table. What’s left?


Containment, that old Cold War standby: Keep our enemies out of here, get the ones that are here out of here or arrested, and don’t let any more in.

Is this harsh? Actually, given the circumstances, not really. Is it harsher than genocide?

We’ve gotten in a lot of trouble treating everybody as equally criminal just for the sake of feeling good about ourselves; think back to your most recent experience with the TSA. The self-worshipers have been running the show for far too long, and the casualty has been our safety. 

I don’t want, Orlando, San Bernardino, and 9/11 to be permanent features of the New-Perfect America.

I know that oil money runs the world, and that our leaders are in the dirty little pockets of some pretty bad people, but I think the tipping point has been reached. 

If certain types of people can never be convinced and their standards cannot be changed, and we don’t really want to commit genocide–because we’re the civilized ones, remember–then the only sane, rational, good, and decent thing we can do is keep the wolves away from us.

And if I can’t convince you otherwise, well, I hear Riyadh is nice this time of year.

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