The Danger of Double Standards

Of course I have to offer the obligatory and, sadly now, regular prayers for the victims of yesterday’s terror attack in Nice, the victims’ families, the survivors, and the rest of this crazy world.

So what next?

I’ve already made my point about how civilized people of all stripes should deal with evil  monsters who want to kill everybody not just like them–containment–whether they be ISIS or al Qaeda so I won’t belabor the point except to say two things:

  1. Some ways of life are incompatible; and
  2. Refusing to admit or name the problem doesn’t make the problem magically go away.

But this refusal by many in power to say that Islam–or, depending on who you ask, some perversion thereof–is the cause of this terrorism got me thinking about the root behind this refusal. It’s something that will get us all killed eventually.

Double standards.

Broadly speaking, double standards are killing us, as a nation and as a species which likes to think of itself as civilized. 

In the United States, we have a massive trust deficit. Everybody thinks the other person is out to screw them, especially if that other is of a different class or race. We all know that different sets of rules applies to different sets of people, right?

To a degree. And it depends on who you ask. I think we get it mostly right in the U.S.–our system was founded in part on the basis of equality under the law–but there are lots of exceptions carved out. And even worse is the perception that things are unfair.

Perception is reality. If enough people feel wronged by double standards, resentment will grow, which can lead to all sorts of fun stuff like riots and murder. 

If certain people don’t go to jail as long as others…

If certain people get an extra boost on college admittance applications…

If certain people seem more likely to get killed by the police…

If certain people get paid more than other people…

If certain people can commit crimes and get away with them…

…who the hell is going to trust the system anymore.

We have an incredibly fractured culture here in the U.S. I still don’t think we hate each other as much as the media portrays it, but we need to do something.

I propose an absolute leveling: Treat everybody identically. 

We need to act like parents. Let’s start on the assumption that everybody is wrong and send all the kids to bed with no desert.

No special treatment. None. For anybody.

After, we can get to the smaller things. But as a baseline, everybody needs to feel like they’re getting a fair shake.

*     *     *

So what does this have to do with Nice and Islamic terrorism?

A lot, actually.

Many world governments, mostly those in the West, have decided that they alone among sovereign nations have no duty or obligation to protect their borders or their own citizens. The rest of the world can control its immigration, but the “enlightened nations” must let everybody in, no questions asked.

This “no questions asked” part is the big problem.

And when people are in, and a large amount adhere to an ideology that mandates the murder of the host country’s citizens, that particular ideology is treated differently than all of the other ones.

Islam is treated with kid gloves, for whatever reason. Any other religion would have at least been seriously talked about as the cause of the issue. Islam? The one that these radicals expressly claim they are following? It gets a free pass.

There is a huge double standard here that is resulting in dead people all over Europe and the United States.

We can’t talk about the problem. Even Muslims who speak out against the radicals are ignored or told to shut up. This is insanity, or maybe evil. Or both. 

I have my hypothesis why. It’s a combination of colonial guilt, self-loathing, and a need for cheap labor.

But who cares why elites the world over are allowing their citizens to be needlessly slaughtered. What can be done?

Get rid of the double standard. Critically examine every ideology, religion, and country equally. Allow all nations to act to preserve their sovereign integrity.

If you’re coming to a country to work and do it legally, great! If you want to kill your new neighbors, you have to go. It’s not complicated.

And please, oh great men and women behind the curtain: Stop lying to everybody about what is going on. The trust deficit is already low enough.

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