Why #DNCLeaks Won’t Change Anybody’s Mind

Wikileaks search the DNC leaks

If you follow politics on the Internet–since the mainstream media is covering up this story–you’re aware that the professional muckrakers at Wikileaks yesterday released almost 20,000 emails from members of the Democratic National Convention. These emails show, among other things, how the DNC colluded with the media to defeat Bernie Sanders and helping ensure that Hillary Clinton received the Democrat Party nomination for President.

None of this is really a surprise to anyone who has been following this election, or American politics in general. The media is aligned with the Democrat party and coordinate stories with them? You don’t say.

The difference is that past belief was based on circumstantial evidence. This is all direct.


But I’m not here to talk about the political angle. One, it’s not surprising to me, and two, Mike Cernovich at Danger and Play has been doing a much better job of discussing the details of the emails.

This story has many other fascinating layers to it, and I’m interested in it less for the politics and more for the insights into human nature.

Mind you, this is just based on my own observations about human nature. I am not a professional psychologist or psychiatrist, nor do I want to be.

With that disclaimer out of the way, here’s my conclusion about what these leaks mean:

I don’t think that the information contained in these leaks, showing the corruption of the DNC, the media, and the Clinton campaign, will change anybody’s mind.

Sounds crazy, right? Not really.

First, consider the two types of people I wrote about in my post “Everyone Must Be Right: Why You’ll Never Change Minds“:

  1. Those who have some objective standard against which they measure their behavior in reality.

  2. Those who think that they create their own objective standard.

In other words, people base their beliefs on either standards or feelings.

Here’s what this has to do with the DNC leaks:

Bernie Sanders is obviously a passionate believer in his politics: Marxist socialism. He’s gone against the grain of mainstream American politics his whole career. One can say that, whatever your feelings about Marxism, Bernie has objective standards that he bases his politics on.

Bernie’s supporters also subscribe to the same set of objective standards as Senator Sanders. They tend to be very principled. They also, like Bernie, have a very healthy dislike and distrust of the system, in this case the DNC. During the whole Democrat primary process, Sanders supports railed against the perceived corruption: Bernie was losing states, but getting fewer delegates . . . what gives?

Wikileaks search the DNC leaks

These leaks confirmed for them what those of us on the right already pretty much knew: The media and the Democrats are buddy-buddy.

So shouldn’t this change Sanders supporters’ minds, as their preferred candidate was railroaded by the very system he fought against? How can he endorse Clinton?

This all changes nothing for two main reasons:

  1. There is no chance that Bernie Sanders or his voters will all of a sudden become Republicans.
  2. There is even less of a chance that Bernie Sanders voters will ever support Donald Trump.

I argue, though, that this is entirely consistent with my You’ll Never Change Minds hypothesis. Why? Because the DNC corruption did not attack Bernie’s beliefs, or those of his supporters. These leaks don’t call into question the core tenets of Marxist socialism. they just show evidence of corrupton. And since politics is bound up in identity, there really isn’t any cognitive dissonance to deal with.

So that takes care of Sanders’ supporters. But what about the man himself, who recently endorsed Hillary Clinton?

There’s the #BernieMustDisavow hashtag going around Twitter now. But does he really have to disavow this endorsement?

Again, I say no.

First, Bernie Sanders positioned himself as a progressive through and through, far more progressive than Hillary Clinton. Second, he has campaigned on the belief that Donald Trump is about the most dangerous man to ever potentially win the presidency.

In Bernie’s case, Hillary trumps Trump, if you’ll pardon the pun. She might be corrupt, but she’s progressive enough. She’s still worth endorsing because she is not Trump, whom Bernie has already described as the most dangerous person who could ever potentially be president.

By supporting Hillary, he’s still living up to a key campaign promise that he’ll fight tooth-and-nail to keep Trump out of the White House.

Bernie Sanders sad

Again, this doesn’t attack any of Sanders’ core Marxist belief. Sure, Hillary represents everything he is supposedly against . . . but Trump does times one-hundred. So Bernie isn’t a hypocrite.

Here are my predictions:

  1. Bernie Sanders does his best to avoid speaking or answering questions about the leaks. He will redirect all inquiries back to how dangerous Trump is.
  2. Some of Bernie Sanders’ supporters will vote for Hillary Clinton, but more will either vote third-party or stay home. This will cut into Hillary’s overall number of votes.
  3. Whoever wins the Presidency, Bernie Sanders comes out looking like a hero. Look for him to start another seriously viable political party after this election, regardless of who wins.

It’s not a great position for Bernie to be in, but I think by arguing the “lesser of two evils” angle, he’ll be alright. His supporters might not be, but they sure as hell aren’t becoming Republicans over this.

Think I’m nuts? Let me know.

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2 thoughts on “Why #DNCLeaks Won’t Change Anybody’s Mind

  1. The reality is, a lot of Bernie’s supporters were sequestered to the fence when he endorsed Crooked Hillary. I think these revelations will knock many of them off of the fence. But it’s probably true that they won’t be voting for Donald en masse. I suspect a great many of them will stay home, even finding reasons to do so on November 8. I’ll be surprised if we don’t see more of his supporters directing their energies to Stein or Johnson.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Daytime Renegade says:

      Thanks for the comment!

      I think you’re right that most Bernie supporters will stay home. Which is interesting, as you’d think stopping Trump would be more important to them. I hues disgust with the system overrides everything.

      This is all so interesting even when totally divorced from the actual policies involved.

      Liked by 1 person

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