Unpaid Product Review: Pocket

Do you read? You’re on the Internet, so the chances are high that you do.

Here’s a more pertinent question: Do you find yourself with a digital stack of interesting articles you vow to “get back to later,” only to forget to read them or, worse, forget where to find them?

That’s why Pocket exists: To make your life easier.

Pocket is a free app for your devices that lets you store and read articles with just a few taps.

I can’t believe more people aren’t taking about Pocket. I first heard about it during an ad on the podcast How Did This Get Made? (which you should also check out) and started using it like crazy immediately after download.

Pocket is so simple, so intuitive, you’ll be amazed you didn’t think of the idea first.

Suppose you’re on your lunch break and are surfing the web. You see a link to an article that looks intriguing. You click it and start reading. In that article, there are links to other, related articles you’d love to read as well. But you only have the time to read one thing.

Pocket allows you to save those other links.

“Big deal,” you say. “I can bookmark them.”

Right. How down do you do that? And if you do, how often do you actually go back and read those?

The beauty of Pocket is that the app saves everything in one place. It also lets you share them via Twitter, Facebook, and other social media. It also syncs with your other devices, and has a bunch of other functions I am yet to fully explore.

But the most important function is storing every link you send to it. And it performs that function very well.

Pocket’s interface is simple and self-explanatory, and the layout is easy on the eye and clutter-free. There is the occasional ad, but since the app is “free,” that’s the price you pay.

If I have any gripes, it’s that the formatting of some articles gets screwy in translation, with some even refusing to display content at all. But this happens rarely, and isn’t enough to detract from the experience.

So download Pocket and stick it in your digital pocket. It will save you time and efforts,and allow you to absorb the knowledge you come across. The biggest downside of Pocket is that you’ll have tons of good stuff to read and not enough time to read it.

Note: I have never been contacted by Pocket to write anything about their product, nor am I getting paid a thing for this. Pocket is just a product that I use and find useful, and think that other people might find useful as well, so I’m just spreading the word. 

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2 thoughts on “Unpaid Product Review: Pocket

  1. I have an endless list of favourites that contain articles that I have intended to read but never got round to. I am going to look into Pocket, my biggest concern is that I will end up with an even bigger list of unread articles!

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