Reinventing the Reinvented Wheel

Sometimes it gets, to use an overused Internet term, exhausting 

What does?

Life. Existence. History. 

No, I’m not going goth on you. Let me explain. 

Every single generation in human history ignores the lessons of the past, screws up, realizes that the old timers were right, and desperately tries to keep the next generation from making the same mistakes. 

Except it never works. Ever. 

Check out the Strauss-Howe generational theory. Whether you buy it or not, it presents a compelling case as to why we see the same patterns again and again in history. 

It’s kind of depressing to think a nut, especially if you don’t like the particular cycle, or generations archhetype, you find yourself in. 

This blog is an attempt to make sense of the world, tie everything together, and help people, particularly younger ones, avoid the mistakes of my past. 

If even one person finds what I do here useful, I will consider that a success. 

However, I’m selfish. I’m greedy. And I’m a narcissist. 

I want to help more people. Educate them. Talk with them. Dare I say it, change them. 




Oh, God. Oh man, I’m sorry you had to read that. Who says that, anyway?

But I do. Every man does. We all want to leave a legacy, not just for our children, but for the world. Since boyhood, we want to make our mark on the universe. Hence why nearly all male-type persons love characters like Superman and historical figures like George Washington, George Patton, and Martin Luther King, who stood up to the baddies of their day and fought for truth and justice. 

So I keep plugging away, trying to share my experiences on life, love, money, and so on, as one entering into middle-age

I do this because, as I’ve said before, I like people and I want to see them succeed. 

But I’d love to be able to do it on a bigger level. Yet I don’t want to be any kind of guru or creepy cult leader. 

I just want my life to matter. 

But this isn’t a post about what. It’s about why. Why bother? What’s the point? There’s no guarantee–and scant historical evidence–that anybody listens to the crazy old dudes saying “No! Don’t do it! Turn back, turn back!”

Some individuals might listen. Large groups of people do not. 

Sigh. I hate determinism. 

But I think that’s my best hope, and the best hope of every older generation: You just hope some listen without necessarily making the same mistakes themselves, and are able to carry their generation through when this really start to go south. 

Yes, I’ll be dead someday, so why do I care, right?

Well, first, I have children. 

Second, that attitude got us here in the first place. 

And third…I like you guys! And I really want you to succeed. 

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