Obstacles as Opportunities

It’s happening, people. After over a year of commuting over four-hundred miles for a job I need (and like!), a year of not being with my family everyday, I’m getting ready to move. I’ve got my loan prequalification, been doing my research, and have even seen a few proporties. We’re hoping to be moved into a place, or at least have it purchased, before Thanksgiving. 

Me during one of my long drives, late at night, unhappy, and smoking a cigar.
My wife hasn’t yet found work down here, so we can’t borrow as much as our combined earning power potentially allows us to at the moment, but that’s fine by me. We can always find another place later. The important thing is that we are all going to be together soon. 

This is exciting. It’s a new chapter in life. 

But this post isn’t about real estate.

Last night, I had a dream. 

“Oh no,” I can hear you saying, “not one of these kinds of posts. Nobody cares about your dreams!

Hear me out. This all has a point. And the dream was bizarre. 

In this dream, I was shaving my face. I also trimmed my eyebrows with electric clippers until they were really pretty. Like, too pretty for a man. 

Okay, dreams about personal grooming. Why is this important?

Because it was so bizarre, and it felt so real

Heading to the trusty Internet, where I go for all of my dream interpretation questions, I came across these gems:

  • Shaving represents analytical thinking (I am thinking about where to buy a house). 
  • “Eyebrows, for a man, represent his good nature and character, being handsome, religious, faithful, trustworthy, his status and esteem” (Well, duh). 
  • “A dream that features eyebrows signifies that you will encounter obstacles in your immediate future” (Uh oh). 

Sounds ominous, right? 

But this post isn’t about dream interpretation either. 

This post is about obstacles and redirecting them into opportunity. 

I’m not afraid of this omen, if that’s even what it is. I’m trying to accomplish something here, trying to build my family and my life. Why should I be afraid of a roadblock?

This might just be a famous last word, but I say bring it on to any obstacles.

Maybe the result of overcoming a challenge will result in something better. It has for me before:

  • When told I would soon lose my job, I went back to school
  • When unable to find work in-state after graduation, I found work out-of-state
  • When starting the new job, family circumstances required my odd work and travel schedule prior to moving the family
  • Not moving the family when planned allowed my wife to be present to take care of her mother as she died 

As you can see, each obstacle was turned into a positive (yes, I’m considering being around to take care of a sick parent, instead of relying on paid care or a hospice house, as a positive). 

These obstacles weren’t turned into positives through the powers of hindsight and wishful thinking, but by reacting to them and redirecting energy and focus back towards the ultimate end point, just along a different path. It’s all about how you look at them. 

You should heed all of those hoary old cliches that call setbacks opportunities, and so on. 


Because they’ll put you into the proper mindset. 

You won’t be defeated by obstacles, or paralyzed by them. You’ll see them as the chance to try something new, something you haven’t thought of before. 

We live in an era of unprecedented comfort and security. Things are rarely as bad as they seem. 

There are so few mistakes or disasters that can’t be fixed or mitigated. 

After all, most of what I’ve wished to accomplish in life either hasn’t happened, or hasn’t worked out quite as planned. My life has, without hypoerbole, been a series of failures that somehow haven’t ended up in my death or ruin. But I’ve ended up in some pretty cool places. 

So what could these obstacles be? Our preferred place being too expensive, or selling before we can put in an offer? Disagreements with the seller? Another family issue?

It could be anything. But whatever it is, I’ll be sure to turn that sucker around. 

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