Go With What You Know

I know, I know, some hiatus, right? Not even a week?


I never said I was quitting, just that I was rethinking what I want to do with this space. 

And I’ve been thinking. 

Ultimately, I don’t want to write anything that a) rings hollow, b) is hypocritical, or c) is not coming from a place of expertise and experience. 

I do not want to be a generic “self-help” guy. 

I do not want to merely write about “stuff I like”…unless it has a point. 

So the thinking lead me down the path of wondering what, exactly, it is I have to offer. And I have done to a sad and yet oddly uplifting conclusion:

The two things I know the most about in my life are mistakes and regrets. 

It is not good to regret the past, but I am a man who had made bad decision after bad decision–with a few good ones thrown in there just to keep things interesting–and ended up living a life I would most certainly like a do-over on. 

Let me digress for a second: Maybe this IS the life I was “supposed” to lead. God is all-knowing; who am I to judge how things turned out?

Ah, but contrary to popular belief, is Christians do believe in free-will, so I’m in a bit of a conundrum. 

And I think the best way to get out of said conundrum is sharing these mistakes with you all–primarily young people–and help you avoid the same mistakes I have made. 

This definitely fits the bill of “going with what you know.”

In order to make this blog more focused, I think I will ease up on reviews and whatnot, unless I feel that there is more I can say beyond “I like this, I don’t like that.”

I think I have the most expertise writing about what doesn’t work, and contrasting that with what would have worked, or what I see work for other people. 

There may still be “topical” posts, but again, I’ll keep trying to tie them into some broader, overarching point. 

With that said, expect more posts coming soon. I’m going to try to keep up with my previous 2-3 posts per week, but make no guanantees. 

And again, as always, thank you for reading!

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