Happy New Year! Bring on 2017

As I sit here hanging out with the family in the waning hours of 2016, I want to wish everyone a happy new year, and say thank you for reading this silly blog. 

Quick sketch of my living room
I started this blog in May, unsure of where I wanted to go with it, but it’s better to do something than plan endlessly. Sometimes, through A/B testing or design thinking or whatever you want to call it, you end up finding your way, despite a few hiccups.

I’m not going to go point-by-point over my own highlights or whatever. I’m just going to share my own new year’s mantra:

Fix yourself first. 
I might not be where I wish I was, but I’m going to worry about the beam in my eye before I start harping on the motes in everyone else’s. 

(I’ll do some kind of taking-stock retrospective at a later date.)

Whatever you do tonight, be safe and have fun, the two not being mutually exclusive.

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