Unpaid Product Review: Bombfell 

Logo for the company Bombfell

For someone who sure enjoys dressing up, I really do not enjoy the experience of shopping for clothes. At all. I’d liken it to a dentist’s appointment, except I don’t hate going to the dentist.

How you dress does have a huge impact not only on how others see you, but how you yourself feel. The right outfit–and it sounds dumb but it’s true–can fill you with confidence. And it doesn’t just have to be an outfit that looks good on you; it’s also important to make sure that it’s an appropriate outfit for the situation.

Given that I have to suit up every day for work, and given that I like to dress well, you can easily see how my aversion to shopping for clothes can create some challenges.

My wife picked up on this as well and signed me up for a service called Bombfell. Bombfell is one of those “We pick a bunch of stuff and send it to you every month” deals that have been really popular with the urban millennial crowd for the past ten years or so, and as with anything trendy, I’m immediately skeptical. But seeing as how Bombfell is free to sign up for, is free to quit at any time, and places no obligations on the customer to purchase any of the clothes they send, I figured I’d give it a shot.

And you know what? Three months later, I’m still using it.

A package from Bombfell. Note that the bag is resealable for times you want to return clothes.

So how does it work?

Here’s how: You sign up and are assigned a stylist. This stylist will send you four items every month. Each item can be tried on to see, not only if it fits, but if you like it. If you do not like it, you send it back and do not pay for it. If you do like it, keep it and your account will be charged after the ten-day trial period is over.

But your stylist does not just choose pieces at random. I mean, they can if you’re alright with that. But there is a very customizable checklist that lets you tell your stylist your preferences beyond just your shirt and pants size. You can choose what kinds of things you never wear (for me, it’s shorts), what types of situations you’re looking for clothing for (the office, a night out, trendy stuff), and even the price range. These preferences can be changed at any time, and, before a shipment, you get an email with a preview for you to approve of. Even here, you can change your preferences, reject one or all of the items and ask for replacement choices, or approve it and roll with what your stylist picked.

So far, other than letting a few of my preferences be known, I’ve been letting my stylist do her thing and so far have been very pleased with the results.

Wonder what’s inside?

The package comes in a resealable plastic bag containing a second, paper bag with the clothes in them. Each item is individually wrapped. Just open them up, try them on, and decide whether to keep them or return them.

Returns are a snap too, as each shipment comes with a pre-printed, pre-paid shipping label. Whatever you don’t want you put back into the bag, log onto your Bombfell account to get the return code, write it on the label, stick the label on the bag, put the shipping label back into the bag, close it up, and drop it off at a FedEx. It really doesn’t get any easier.

When you return, you give reasons why you did not like the piece, ranging from “Not my size” to “not my style.” And you can elaborate in the comments section, tipping your stylist off to what you really are looking for. It’s simple and obvious, but it’s an organic process that lets all of us who don’t have a personal stylist on hand have one remotely.

When you’re a kid, you never like getting clothes as a gift. As an adult, clothes are fantastic.

And interestingly, Bombfell is geared towards men. For men like me who find the experience of clothes shopping akin to trepanation, it’s a great service.

So far, I’ve kept a belt, a nice t-shirt, some slacks, and a button-down shirt for work. There was another button-down shirt and a pair of jeans that I wish I kept, but oh well. There’ll be more.

The stuff they send is a little more expensive than what I’m used to getting for myself, but the quality and fit tends to reflect the higher prices; these clothes are nice. Considering the idea isn’t to have an overabundance of clothes but a nice, versatile wardrobe, I’m willing to upgrade my clothing game, especially the casual stuff.

If you’re a guy who likes dressing well but don’t have the time, inclination, or both to go to the shopping malls, or if you sometimes don’t know what to pick out, I highly recommend Bombfell. It’s fun, it’s helpful, and it does that thing all good organizations should do: it accomplishes what it sets out to do.

Note: This review is purely my own opinion. I am not getting paid by Bombfell to write this, nor have they even asked me to do so. As with the other things I review on here, I do this of my own volition and just want to spread the word about stuff I think is worthwhile. I’m no shill . . . but I’m not against being one some day. And if the time ever comes when I am being paid to review something, believe me: I’ll let you know. 

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