Everyone Is Garbage and I Want to Go Home

I have refrained from writing about Charlottesville and other politics stuff because it’s all too stupid. HOT TAKES are flying around everywhere, nuclear hot takes, and the hottest of hot takes are usually exceedingly dumb and offered right after the incident in question.

They also suffer from a lack of nuance.

Worse, they present us, the regular person with a job and bills to pay, maybe with a family, who has nary an ounce of hate in our bones and who wants to just be left alone, to pick a side between two options.

Two garbage options.

White nationalists Reichtards are garbage. Violent Antifa communist anarchists are garbage. Politicians are garbage. Our two major political parties are garbage. The fringe parties are garbage. Our media is garbage. Our education system is garbage. Law enforcement is garbage.

Everybody is garbage.

Why on Earth, then, would anybody pick either side of this false choice?A narrative is being created and there is too much happening at once for there not to be some coordination. You will comply or you will get beaten down.

This will force reasonable people with no dog in the fight to choose a side, and do you know who they will choose? The one that doesn’t want them dead.

I don’t talk my personal politics here, but a little info is warranted: I never thought of myself as defined by my politics. I guess I’m right-wing because I want a smaller, less-intrusive government and lower taxes (you too?!), a strong military to deter our enemies, and more power to the individual states. And I’m pro-life.

I also want far less military intervention, far less power for big business to rig the game, and I think tearing down statues and memorials is generally a bad idea.

This is enough to make me fearful these days.

All I want to do is write, make music, crack jokes, and, oh I don’t know, take care of my family!

It is insane. Garbage people have corrupted nearly everything we hold dear in this country.

If you’re not with Antifa, you’re a Nazi?

If you’re not with white nationalists, you’re a commie?

Fuck you. All of you. Go straight to hell, do not pass “Go,” do not collect $200.

I have no home. Politically, culturally, economically. I feel like a stranger in this strange place, biding my time, viewing this life as though it’s a dream.

I have one home, and it’s not here on Earth. You all might think I’m crazy. Fine. I’d rather be thought crazy than be an actual garbage person.

“Pick a side…” Kiss my ass.

I’ve picked a side. Have you?

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