Book Review: Sudden Rescue by Jon Mollison

Note: File this under “I could’ve sworn I reviewed this already!” But that’s the Mandela Effect in action, as no such review exists save for a picture of the book cover. So even though I read Sudden Rescue almost a year ago, and wrote an Amazon review, WordPress are my review for some weird reason. So today, I’ll just write another one.

If you liked The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and ever said to yourself “You know what? I wish it was more like The Princess Bride but with, like, a trucker as the lead,” then Sudden Rescue by Jon Mollison for you.

With a little Wing Commander and Star Trek thrown in.

It might sound like a mish-mash, but that’s because it is. And it’s a glorious one.

All long-haul space trucker E.Z. Sudden wants is to be left alone. Unfortunately, he runs into some space pirates he ticked off a while, back, and in the pursuit kinda sorta stumbles across a missing princess whose absence is threatening to send the kingdom into war. The big question facing E.Z. is what to do with her . . . especially because he thinks he kind of likes her.

And then there’s a frightening, machine race called the Syntharcy. They’ve licked their wounds since the last war, and are ready for payback.

Sudden Rescue is some of the most fun spacefaring I’ve come across in a long while. It’s entertaining and humorous without being goofy, because the humor comes fro the characters’ interactions and the strange civilizations E.Z. comes across (I particularly like the planet where people talk like Elizabethan cosplayers while calling each other “my dude”).

Jon Mollison

And the character of E.Z. is eminently likable. He’s what I call a “near ne’er do well”: he’s not a lovable space rogue per se because he’s not an amoral drifter. He’s really just kind of ambling through life, bedding women and taking what jobs he can, because he hasn’t found a purpose yet.

Add to this his relationship with his ship’s AI Jade, and you have a protagonist you can’t help but root for.

I also like the way Mollison handles interstellar travel. It’s one of the most unique spins on the concept I’ve seen.

And of course it helps that Mollison is a hell of a writer, dense yet economical. His descriptions convey much information without being wordy, and his dialogue snaps like the best of Hollywood.

Pick up Sudden Rescue if you’ve been craving fun, swashbuckling sci-fi with a healthy dose of romance. There’s a sequel too, which I know I’ll be reading soon.

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