Pete Davidson Doesn’t Care About Black People

I know I literally just said I try not to be topical here on the blog, but I just can’t stand it when mediocre nothings get a huge platform (likely through nepotism) to bash people of accomplishment via the delivery of painfully lame, officially sanctioned PC talking points.

In today’s edition of Most People Are Idiots, excruciating nothing Pete Davidson–who has a tattoo of Hilary Clinton permanently emblazoned on his body–an ostensible comedian, like, totally destroyed Kanye West for the sin of being a black celebrity who supports Donald Trump (emphasis mine):

“So speaking strictly for myself, what Kanye said after he went off the air last week was one of the worst, most awkward things I’ve ever seen here,” Davidson said of West’s impassioned speech during the end of last week’s show, in which the Grammy-winner railed against critics of President Donald Trump, the “90 percent” liberal media, and pro-welfare state Democrats.

“He started by saying people backstage tried to bully him into not wearing it,” Davidson said of West. “He wore it all week. Like, nobody told him not to wear it. I wish I bullied you. I wish I suggested that, you know, it might upset some people, like, your wife or every black person ever.”

Opting not to challenge any of the myriad arguments that West mentioned, Davidson jumped to personal digs, saying, “Being mentally ill is not an excuse to act like a jackass, OK?”

You hear that, black American? It doesn’t matter how successful or smart you are. All that matters is you do what rich white left-wingers demand. You can almost hear that whip cracking . . .

Davidson is no stranger to public displays of nastiness. When comedy legend and SNL alum Chevy Chase lamented the objectively factual lack of laughs on the show he helped kickstart to cultural relevance, Davidson accused Chase of being a racist:

“He’s a f—— douchebag,” Davidson, 24, reportedly said. “F— Chevy Chase. He’s just a genuinely bad, racist person and I don’t like him. He’s a putz.”

That said, there are claims that Chase, another nasty left-winger, did have a history of making racially insensitive jokes and comments while on the set of Community. Now, does this make Chase a “genuinely bad” person, or a “racist”?

I don’t know. Chevy Chase, like a lot of his celebrity brethren, sure seems like a piece of work. That said, human beings are terrible about looking into the souls of others. Almost as bad as we are at recognizing our own foibles.

I’m sure Pete Davidson is a perfect human being, though. Obviously.

But by Davidson’s own standard, based on his comments about Kanye West, Davidson is putting the white hood on and burning crosses right there with Chase (this is how hyperbole works; isn’t it fun?!).

We see a pattern here with Davidson: when confronted with an opinion he disagrees with, lob insults.

It’s effective because his slavish media fellow travelers lap it up, but it’s actually bad rhetoric because it doesn’t point to anything truthful. It’s just foul-mouthed idiocy masquerading as comedy.

The funniest thing about Pete Davidson is that he’ll have a tattoo of Hilary Clinton until the day he dies.

At the end of the day, Chevy Chase will remain one of the most successful and talented comedic actors of his generation, Kanye West will remain an eclectic artistic genius with an instinctive knack for seeing all sides of an issue and the intelligence to constantly re-examine his own thoughts and beliefs, and kiddie diddler Pete Davidson will be an unfunny white twerp with a Hilary Clinton tattoo (maybe somebody should’ve bullied you into not getting that) who very publicly told a black guy that didn’t fall in line, boy, that he must be mentally ill.

And he’s probably a pedophile. No evidence, but going by the odds, he’s probably a total pedo.


  1. Being mentally ill is not an excuse to act like a jackass? Apparently nobody has told the pathologically progressive left.

    I find it hard to believe that anyone could be stupid enough to tattoo a likeness of Hillary “Felonia Milhouse von Pantsuit” freakin’ Clinton onto himself…but I’ll trust you on that one. A psychopath’s face tattooed on a mentally unstable midwit: it’s the quintessence of SJWness.

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    • Love the Kurt Schlichter reference!

      This Davidson guy seems like a real piece of work. By that, I mean, a grade-A asshole. I’m basing this solely on his own words and the thoughts and ideas they express. He’s probably proud of that, though. Really thinks he’s moving the national dialogue forward.


  2. I keep typing words and then deleting them because they’re insufficient to express my bewilderment about this Hilary Clinton tattoo. I can’t imagine being into a politician like that. The only other human being’s visage I would ever get permanently etched into my skin is Lemmy Kilmister. Fuck a Hilary Clinton, geez.

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    • People can get tattoos and all that, and vote for who they want, but tattoos of ANY politician are just . . . creepy.

      I’m not a tattoo guy to begin with, but an image of a politician just seems like the worse thing to have with you for eternity.

      Also, Pete Davidson’s just a nasty person. I don’t care who Kanye or Pete or Taylor Swift or ANYONE votes for—they’re not mentally ill for doing it. And we’re in s dangerous place where we think the same thing about EVERYONE who votes a certain way.

      It makes me think of comedy: I can’t watch most specials because they’re just not funny. The only two jokes I see are “Trump is evil,” which is fair game and perfectly fine comedic material, and “Trump voters are inbred, borderline retorted cousin-fucking white supremacist Jesus freak Nazis” which gets the special turned off.

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      • Yes! In a post I wrote in April, I essentially said the same thing:
        “Kanye West is his own man, though. If he wants to praise Donald Trump, that doesn’t mean he’s going insane or having a mental breakdown. What he is having is an opinion. Everyone’s entitled to have one of those about everything.”
        I mean he was all over the place in that Oval Office meeting, and I can see how people can watch that and think “crazy,” but I could follow his train of thought and understand what he was saying. He was trying to cram everything he had to say into ten minutes because you don’t often get an opportunity to sit across the desk from a president and pitch ideas to him. And I do think he probably is a little mentally imbalanced, but so am I, and I don’t base that upon his Trump crush.
        I didn’t vote for Trump, but a lot of people I know, friends and family that I love, did, and I strongly object to the blanket generalization of Trump voters as being morons. I totally understand their reasons for voting Trump. I mean, who in the hell wants to vote for Hilary Clinton? It’s the left’s smug sense of superiority, the pretentious “this is the correct way to think and you’ll fall in line or we’ll destroy you” attitude that helped get trump elected in the first place.
        I also have a lot of friends and family who voted against Trump, and the intolerance on both sides is strong. There’s this prevailing “If you voted for Trump you support racism and misogyny” attitude and I hate that. I also hate the knee-jerk defensive reaction of many trump supporters to ANY criticism of the man, legitimate or otherwise. It all seems silly to me, the extremism on both sides, and the fact that we treat politics like sports. I find it childish and counterproductive. Bottom line, I respect anyone who thinks for himself and doesn’t just parrot whatever their media of choice is telling them to say or think. I have to resist the urge to roll my eyes when I’m having a conversation with someone and they say something that’s quoted almost verbatim from some info-meme they’ve seen online. As I see it, they’ve mindlessly conformed to whatever standard of conduct and thought that’s expected of their respective political affiliations.
        I think people think Alec Baldwin’s trump impression is hilarious because they don’t like trump. To me, it’s fucking awful and can’t hold a candle to say, Will Ferrel’s george bush jr or Phil Hartman’s Clinton, or Dana Carvey’s Bush Sr. Above all though, like I said, it’s this left-perpetuated attitude of “this is how you should think or you’re insane” that turns me off. I object to anyone perpetuating that kind of mentality. I’m all about the mentality that we’re all Americans who should ideally be able to get along regardless of who we voted for.

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      • We should absolutely be able to get along. The peaceful transfer of power has worked out for us pretty well these past 230 or so years. It’s the fact that one side is getting violent that scares me. I was just talking about this with my wife the other day.

        I did see your Kanye post and left a few comments—good stuff man. Very thought-provoking and I agree. I don’t think Kanye is “crazy,” and he can like whatever politician he wants. But man, even Trump looked kind of embarrassed.

        Back to voting: We need to all agree on the rules or else we’ll have chaos. The rules can’t change based on who they are being applied by and applied against. This is why things are rapidly breaking down now.

        I voted for Trump. I have friends and family that did not. We remain friends and family. I have other friends and family that you can’t mention this fact to because they will go berserk. It’s creepy, as you say—“info memes.” This is why the NPC meme is killing me with laughter.

        Okay, that makes me sound mean. But mockery might be or best chance to avoid actual violence. Anything to prod some people to be introspective. Believe what you want to believe, just (a) be able to explain it and (b) don’t advocate for my murder, or actually try to murder me, for disagreeing. The urge to murder is one-sided right now, though the other side is fighting back after some 50 years of abuse. Dangerous times ahead.

        Like you, I also feel quite passionately about this issue. America is a great place. I don’t want it to ever end, and especially not like this.


      • I have a ridiculous Star Trek meme page on Facebook called “Trekker things” (like stranger things, get it?) and I’ll sometimes get up to 40k views on some stupid pic I threw together in thirty seconds. I made the page for my own amusement, but it’s gotten fairly huge and it’s become, for me, a study of humanity, what resonates with people, what triggers them, how they interpret the same things in vastly different ways, and so on. All I have to do is put trump in a meme and the backlash is overwhelming. It can be completely neutral, as in “here’s some shit that’s going on now, filtered through a Star Trek lens to demonstrate the absurdity of it. And many times it’s something completely neutral and open to interpretation, but people will accuse me of being both a trump supporter and hater in the same comments section, based upon their respective perceptions of what I’m saying. It’s “fascinating,” really. I made one the other day about Dr. McCoy eschewing modern medicine in favor of stuff like activated charcoal and lavender oil and people got so butthurt over it, but they shared it 200 times and 40 thousand people saw it. On this one, which was far less popular, a guy commented on it implying that it was a cop out to say that “both sides suck.” But that’s not what I was saying. I merely pointed out that no one wins by parroting the propaganda of their choice back and forth at one another. And that’s where we’re at right now.

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      • No kidding! At the very least, be able to explain why you think and believe what you think and believe in your own words.

        I also approve the use of Star Trek for memes.

        Great point about reaction to memes being a study in humanity. It’s amateur anthropology, really. Maybe it’s generational, but to me it’s so easy to just NOT REACT to stuff online. It’s as easy as breathing. And yet . . .

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