I Hate Waking Up Early But I Do It Anyway

There are few thing I enjoy less on an intellectual level yet enjoy more on a physical level than sleep.

Sleep takes up valuable time that I know I could put to better use than lying down in my bed, dead to the world for eight or so hours. However, my body and my brain need sleep to be healthy and functional. Coffee can only do so much.

Since June, been getting up at 5:00 a.m., six days a week, to get my workout in. Otherwise, I’d have to do it at night, which would give me energy, which makes getting to sleep difficult. And then I’d oversleep, and if there’s one thing I hate more than getting up early, it’s being late to work.

The thing is, I’m four months into this routine and while it’s gotten easier, and I do feel better, it is in no way, shape, or form pleasurable.

Imagine: You’re in bed, next to your lovely spouse, all cozy, and that bastard alarm goes off. Now, in the summer it’s not too bad because there’s some light peeking in over the horizon and slipping in through the shades. But in New England fall it’s pitch black.

Now, you have to drag your sorry carcass out of the warm, nice bed, get some shoes on, and go lift heavy things in a basement for 45 minutes or so.

It sucks.

But I do it anyway.

There actually is something to this . . .

I kind of feel like I have to. Not only do I like being in shape and see it as being more important the older I get, I also feel the need to do uncomfortable, inconvenient things at least once a day.

In the absence of society or culture making demands on us (because let’s face it, we’re modern-day Elo), I’ve got to do it myself.

Don’t get me wrong! I’d rather sleep an extra hour or so. But I can’t. It’s become a weird compulsion at this point.

I also can’t stay up late. This is a bummer because nighttime is when I have most of my free time. Sadly, I’m usually in bed by 10:00 or 10:30, so I have the energy to wake up early . . .

You might call it a vicious circle. Except it’s kind of been working out for me.

Even though I hate it.

Thank God for coffee.


  1. I feel you on this. Waking up really early for the baby (which has gotten a bit better) sucked, but it was kind of nice to be up when the sun was coming up. I’ve slackened a little bit (and let myself sleep occasionally until like 7:00 on weekends), but I also have that compulsion and try to wake up no later than 6 even when I don’t have to. With the baby waking up anytime after 7:00 usually, gotta find time where I can.

    My only (slight) departure from your thinking is on the intellectual distaste for sleep. I’ve gotten the germ of more than one of my stories from weird dreams.

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    • You know, I’ve gotten so many ideas for stories and music from Dreams you wouldn’t believe. My intellectual distaste for sleep comes only from the time it requires. Why couldn’t God have designed us only needing one or two hours?

      I hear you on the baby front. My daughter is going to be born at the end of this month, so I should consider this training.

      And I’m also with you on the slacking off part. Now that I’ve been getting up early for so long, when I don’t I feel like a failure. Sunday is my designated day to sleep in.

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  2. LOL! My hubby gets up at 4 Am every morning. Always has. I usually work late evenings so it’s a bloody nightmare. Poor guy has never understood, not once, why people are not happy to see him at 4 AM. He goes to work two hours early sometimes and they aren’t even happy to see him. 🙂

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