Literally The Handmaid’s Tale Literally Matters

The Handmaid’s Tale was published in 1985. The miniseries has been out since 2017. Already, it’s the new basic bitch pop culture talking point, supplanting for the time being Star Wars or Harry Potter.

And it works. It’s effective. Abortion-lovers actually take it seriously. More seriously than any “serious” think piece or scholarly argument. Seriously enough to dress as fictional characters from a fictional and, I’m going to say it, impossible dystopian future and protest new Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s first day on the bench.

This is why pop culture is so powerful and so important. This is why entertainment and those who provide it are a chief–if not the chief–stormtroopers of any political revolution. Because the cultural revolution has to come first.

The masses have to be softened up.

The Handmaid’s Tale matters. Star Wars matters. Harry Potter matters. Taylor Swift matters. Kanye West matters.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m fine with this. Let’s see where everyone stands. Enjoy books or movies or music, but make informed decisions about where you spend your cash.

And boycott all you want, because money is all people understand.

This all goes to the importance of creating and supporting alternative culture and entertainment that speaks to your values and is made by people who share them.

America is no longer a nation. It is many nations held together by the threat of military force. And in the absence of a unifying religion or identity or culture or set of values, politics has regretfully become the best indicator of what large swaths of society stand for.

And just under that, acting as the Trojan horse for the delivery of these values, is pop culture.

Are you a Handmaid’s, or are you a free man of Gondor? Are you Tay Tay or are you Ye?

It sounds lame and crazy because it is lame and crazy. These are lame and crazy times. And in the absence of serious, intelligent, and moral people having serious discussions about serious things in a serious manner while constantly seeking an objective and knowable capital-T Truth, we’re left with considerations like these.

We’re just working with the tools we’ve got in the world we live in under the rules as they are.

This is why it matters, and will continue to matter, into the foreseeable future.

So mock the Handmaid’s or those fighting to preserve video games and even tabletop role-playing games of all things from the shrieking SJW hordes at your peril. This matters as much as, or even more than, Supreme Court nominations, because pop culture drives what people think about the highest court of the land and it’s core function.

Scary, right?


  1. ” This matters as much as, or even more than, Supreme Court nominations, because pop culture drives what people think about the highest court of the land and it’s core function. Scary, right?”

    Terrifying. Absolutely terrifying. The world’s a real mess. Where are the Avengers and the original Star Wars EU Rebels/Jedi when you need ’em? (Answer: helping authors like us tell good stories – I hope!)

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    • Hah! No kidding!

      It used to be that stories got you interested in the truths behind them. As in, comic books and Greek mythology got me into American and ancient history and literature, respectively. And I found that so many beloved stories could be traced further back to things like the Bible and the Iliad and other ancient sources.

      Now? What truths are there to track down in, say, Steven Universe, or the aforementioned Handmaid’s Tale? Atwood’s dystopia looks like that other Abrahamic faith that’s been in the news so much these last 25 years . . .

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      • Sure does. That’s the one thing I could almost like about Handmaid’s Tale; if one pointed out to people where the real life basis for that part of the story came from, we might have five to ten minutes of real entertainment on our hands…. 😈

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      • Up to ten minutes! Wow you’re being generous!

        I’m always amazed adult human beings actually think the only thing standing between America and a brutal theocratic dictatorship is Roe v. Wade, and abortion generally.

        In actuality, while a Christian theocracy is a contradiction in terms, I can think of what one would look like, and several reasons why one would actually be awesome. Your mileage may vary, of course.

        Maybe I’ll write a post about it.

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