So We’re Cool With “Shut Up and Sing” Now?

I missed this from unfunny dope Pete Davidson’s Kanye West rant:

Then Kanye said that Democrats broke up black families with welfare and that slavery’s not real,” Davidson said. “You know how wrong about politics you need to be for like me to notice? Do you know how annoying that is? Like Kanye is a genius, but a musical genius. Like Joey Chestnut is a hot dog-eating genius, but I don’t want to hear Joey Chestnut’s opinions about things that aren’t hot dog-related.”

Two things pop out:

  1. If Kanye is wrong, maybe explain how?
  2. So if someone’s not an expert on something, they should shut up about it?

Pete, you’re ostensibly a comedian. So by your own logic, you should also shut up about anything not comedy related.

LeBron James should shut up about anything not basketball related.

Colin Kaepernick should shut up about anything not football related.

Taylor Swift should shut up about anything not music related. Ditto Eminem, T.I., Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Michael Stipe, Snoop Dogg, and everyone else.

Hey, your logic there, Petey boy, not mine.

I actually don’t mind hearing people’s politics. I can enjoy their work just fine on its merits. And I also want to know their politics because it helps me not give my money to people who hate me.

So speak up! It’s your right and your duty as a public figure and an artiste to speak truth to power and blah blah blah! As long as you’re a progressive. Otherwise, sit down and shut up, boy, or we’ll disappear your career.

Pete Davidson has a goddamn tattoo of Hilary Clinton on his body! But Kanye West has to stop saying nice things about Donald Trump.

You get that?

Now, I’m gonna get racial here . . .

One key lesson is that the vitriol is aways harshest for dissenting black people. Always. It’s weird and scary and wrong. I’ve noticed this for two decades now, and I’m a white man from New Hampshire. If I can see this, so should anyone.

The stuff they say about any black person who steps out of line is so de rigeuer in the United States, it’s not even shocking.

Anecdote time: I had a professor in business school, half-black, talk about what a disappointment it was that Clarence Thomas replaced Thurgood Marshall on the Supreme Court. Now, Thurgood Marshall was a fine jurist–read up on him if you don’t believe me–and so is Clarence Thomas.

I explained that I’d read many of Thomas’s opinions in law school, and that the man is hardly dumb. In fact, in my opinion, he’s one of the smartest people on the bench. My professor made a grimace and said “We can agree to disagree.”

See, Clarence Thomas is stupid and not really black, anyway. Because he’s doesn’t think what black people are supposed to think. How messed up is that?

NOTE: As I’m sure you’re aware of by now, Kanye West has deleted his social media accounts. A few thoughts:

  1. I like to pretend he’s taking a page out of my book–that stuff is bad for your mental health.
  2. I’m sorry, this does not seem like the “ranting” of a mentally unstable person. Note the continued use of the word “rant” in describing him, by the way. Blacks who step out of line must be destroyed. Just ask Don Lemon and his friends.


  1. Yep, well said. The vitriol, the real nastiness is always reserved for the non compliant “victim class.” So black folks,yes, but also women. It’s a bit tragic but somewhat comical how quickly we too can become “rape apologizing, misogynist, racists.” Then it’s like, fry the heretic!

    I heard a black woman the other day, can’t remember her name, but great grandpa was a slave, grandpa was a sharecropper, dad worked 12 hours a day as a storekeeper, and she herself is an upper middle class college grad. Her point being American exceptionalism works, and if that’s not your story, it’s probably because you’ve been taken hostage by the wrong political party. It was a pretty powerful statement, which of course they totally roasted her for. And then you see the real racism come out, the “oreo cookie,white privilege, sellout” accusations.

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    • When your entire voter base is based on strictly delineated identity blocs, losing even a part of one spells disaster.

      I’m just amazed they’ve been able to keep the con going for so long.

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  2. I thought the same thing when I saw that clip earlier this week. I looked him up and he was born in ‘93. I wonder if he’s even old enough to remember “shut up and sing.” Or to possess enough understanding of how life works to be the self-appointed spokesperson for all black people. Lol what a little twerp.

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    • He just seems like such an unlikeable douche. I could deal with his opinion far easier if he actually told jokes and wasn’t just accusing someone he disagreed with politically of being mentally ill. That’s some Soviet shit right there.

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      • I had a recommended vid pop up on YouTube, it was a clip of Dave Chappelle on some cnn talk show, and they tried to get him to react to the Kanye thing, and he wouldn’t really give them what they wanted. I think they were fishing for a roast, but all they got was, to paraphrase, “Listen man, Kanye is my friend and I respect him as a person of integrity, he’s viewing things from a certain angle that makes sense to him, and I don’t have to believe everything he believes for him to be my friend.” Then he paused and said “but he shouldn’t have said that shit,” and it was just kind of a light joke, referring back to something they were talking about earlier. So the clip, uploaded by cnn, is titled: “DAVE CHAPPELLE JOKES ABOUT KANYE/TRUMP.” So he gave this even-tempered, non-committal, thoughtful response and they put it out there like “CLICK HERE TO WATCH DAVE CHAPPELLE ROAST KANYE,” basically. Reminded me of how comic book covers used to have wildly exaggerated and inaccurate depictions of their inner contents to move issues off the stands.

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      • Haha! I saw that too. To parrot Scott Adams’s “One movie/two screens” analogy, on Breitbart they headlined it something like “DAVE CHAPPELLE DEFENDS KANYE WEST,” though to be fair they did also include his “He still shouldn’t have said that shit” statement in the article.

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      • Perfect example of media bias on both sides of the coin. That’s why if I even bother to watch the news I glean the raw facts and tune out the hysteria. Everyone gravitates towards the media outlets that reinforce their beliefs, which I find odd. I don’t want reinforcement of my own inaccurate beliefs if I have them, I want the raw facts so that I can adjust my perception of any given situation accordingly. Unfortunately most people aren’t capable of that kind of discernment and they just parrot other people’s opinions that they’ve read online. It all sounds like a bunch of surfacey people with no concept of nuance shouting talking points at each other without any real thought

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      • If you look at opposing sources, you can get a better idea of what actually happened.

        Also interesting is to scan, say HuffPo and then Breitbart—two sources I can respect because they’re up-front about their biases, unlike CNN—and see what stories one ISN’T reporting on that the other IS.

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      • Yeah, I’ve always maintained that the truth lies somewhere between extremes. Which seems obvious but, but people want to believe their own truths. Then they sit there with full confidence in the righteousness of their firmly established views, the ones placed in their heads, and call the other side sheep. Meanwhile the other side is over there calling THEM sheep because they’re all cozied up with their own worldview-affirming IV drip going directly into their brains. They think things can be summed up with snappy little “case closed” memes they share amongst the others in their respective echo chambers. They aren’t looking at the trajectory of society, where we’ve come from, where we’re going, don’t perceive how little nudges cause gradual shifts in status quo public opinion for better or for worse. They see what they want to see.

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      • Also, many things are actually pretty nuanced. It never hurts to look at the pros and cons of a thing—knowing what the other side is as well as you know yours—so you can at least articulate your own damn thought process. Otherwise . . . NPC status confirmed.

        Off-topic, but I can do this with religion. It’s actually befuddled people that I’ve thought so deeply about it. They just assume “Herp derp Jesus freaks are dumb” because TV and movies told them this.

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      • Yeah, everything’s nuanced. I always try to examine things from another perspective. And not really in a “know your enemy” Sun Tzu kind of way, either, because I can’t see the world in that way. I’m just not wired like that. I’ll fight for what’s right if need be but much of the time I observe and listen. Having grown up attending a multi-denominational Christian school, and then seeing how people outside of that insulated but still theologically diverse environment view life from an entirely different perspective, I think that gave me a unique insight. I’ve known actual people who live up to the stereotypes you describe, and others who were nothing like that at all, who were loving, caring people who’d give you the shirt off their backs. I have Mormon family also, and people assume they’re like the fundamentalist LDS people with compounds and multiple wives. People think that’s just your garden variety Mormon. All of it is gross oversimplification and reducing people’s lives to a stereotype, when they are much more complex than that. My philosophy is this: good people good, bad people bad, and both can be found anywhere

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