I Can’t Wait for the Midterm Elections to be Over

Vote however you want tomorrow. I really don’t care.

I mean, there are outcomes I would prefer in that I think they’d be more beneficial to the country. But I’m not here to tell you what to do. Nor would me expressing preferences have any effect whatsoever on your voting choice.

You’ve already made up your mind one way or the other. Why on Earth would I burn calories trying to convince you otherwise?

Look at what’s at stake in your state and district and vote your conscience. It’s still good to vote, until we’re stripped of this right too.

Things are not going to end well for this country no matter what. This is not a desired outcome, nor one I hope happens. It’s just what, based on evidence and experience, I think will happen.

I predict a less-than 1 percent chance of rioting, violence, and civil unrest if there is a big Democrat win, and a 99 percent chance of rioting, violence, and civil unrest if there is a big Republican win. Beyond that safe forecast, I’m not predicting anything. But I will share a few observed maxims about this bizarre spectacle we call American democracy:

  • At the end of the day, your elected officials do not care about you. They care about remaining your elected officials.
  • Voter fraud exists–always has and always will. Right now, things are being done to cancel out your vote, as they’ve been done in every election, federal, state, and local, during your lifetime. And nothing will be done about it because (a) it’s easy to get away with and (b) the stakes are too high.
  • Big money activists (many from other countries), lobbyists, and corporate interests wag the legislative dog. Who do you think drafts the laws nobody in Congress has read that seem to magically pop up overnight?
  • Politicians and those involved in politics are pretty much the worst, least-skilled, emotionally unstable socially awkward, and least-intelligent and accomplished among us.
  • The immigration debate is all about votes, and cheap labor used to acquire more votes from the beneficiaries of cheap labor.
  • Solutions that work to solve national, state, and local problems will never fully be implemented because if the problems are solved then jobs and influence will be lost.
  • Most of what you’re being told via news and polls is a half-truth at best, and usually an outright lie, designed to manipulate you into either voting for Candidate A, or staying home so you don’t vote for Candidate B.
  • If anyone tells you “Jesus vote for blah blah blah,” that’s a good indication not to vote for them.
  • For the record, if Jesus were here, He would rightly not be happy with any of us.

Don’t you feel good now?!

But wait! I haven’t delivered my most important maxim:

  • The only reason America is such a great nation is because of the fundamental decency and goodness of the vast bulk of its citizenry.

Remember this the next time somebody tells you there’s a politician that will make all of your problems go bye-bye. And anyway, if they really wanted to change the world, they’d go into entertainment.

But they’re not talented enough to do so. Hence going into politics.

So vote. Or don’t. I don’t care. Just please: don’t kill each other. And wake me up when this is over.

UPDATE: My brother feels the same way.


  1. If politics is show business for ugly people, how the hell did Jay Leno not become a politician? (Obviously comedians are a different breed.)

    You say America is such a great country because of the fundamental goodness and decency of the vast majority of its people, and I think that’s true. It’s also why I broke out of the “liberal” camp and abhor progressivism and Marxism: those ideologies weaponize human decency against itself (if that makes sense).

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    • Leno has something else most politicians, journalists, and pundits lack: talent and charisma.

      “. . . those ideologies weaponize human decency against itself (if that makes sense).”

      Makes perfect sense. I’m fond of saying it’s axiomatic that your own decency will be used against you. Marxists are REALLY good at that. They tend to have few, if any, moral standards as understood, but because normal people do, and normal people feel guilty when they breach these standards, the unscrupulous among us can point and shriek: “See? See? Hypocrite! You don’t even live up to your own rules!”

      So are anti-Christians. Don’t you dare ever stand up for yourself and what you believe in, or you’ll get “WOW not very Christian of you!” followed by an out-of-context, poorly understood Bible someone cut-and-pasted with a comment that “LOL you don’t even know the book you claim to follow!”

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  2. I’ve barely heard anything about it. It’s nice. I did get some stupid flyers in the mail featuring our current governor and the guy she is endorsing on the deck of the titanic in the iconic pose from the movie. Then I got another one that said “the same old rotten education polices” featuring a school lunch tray full of rancid, moldy food. They’re basically printing memes. I find it hard to take politics seriously anymore, there’s no solemnity to it whatsoever. No dignity. It’s all Ringling Bros.

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    • It’s all Ringling Bros., and it has been for two centuries. American politics has never been civil or nice. The WW II/Cold War era hangovers fooled us into thinking there was a consensus, but that was really all complete b.s.

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