More About Blurbs (with a Formula!)

Good to know I’m not the only one who hates writing book blurbs.

From Jon Del Arroz’s blog:

My main takeaway from the [20BooksTo50K] conference yesterday was their dissecting of book blurbs by different authors. And my takeaway was I can do better on my amazon blurbs. I’m going to be spending the next couple of days rewriting those but I’ll pass on the basic formula they were saying is gold at the conference for those interested as writers:


Introduce Character

Follow character’s emotional journey

Raise the stakes

Leave the readers wanting more

Ask for the sale.

I like it!

After working on my blurb for A Traitor to Dreams in light of commenter feedback, here’s what I’ve got, along with each element:

[HOOK] Ideomatic, Inc. has perfected humanity! Their Dream Trashcan can create a new, perfect you.

[Introduce character] Elpida Kallistos has everything she wants . . . almost. [Follow character’s emotional journey] There is one unfulfilled dream, one desire standing between her and happiness. Enter the Dream Trashcan from Ideomatic, Inc., guaranteed to eliminate unwanted desires while you sleep. All it takes is the click of a button and the desire is gone, permanently.

And it works! But when Elpida has second thoughts and [opens up her Dream Trashcan, she finds more inside than circuitry and wires. She finds a whole other world . . . the Dreamscape, a realm where angelic, winged beings called Stewards hunt down desires made flesh. [Raise the stakes] But her presence makes the Dreamscape unstable, and Ideomatic will do anything to get her out.

[Leave the readers wanting more] Chased by Ideomatic’s minions, Elpida must discover her Steward’s true identity, learn the secrets of the Dream Trashcan, and unravel Ideomatic’s true plans . . . before she’s devoured by her own desires.

[Ask for the sale (this is more for Amazon blurbs as opposed to being printed on the actual back cover] Elpida’s journey through the Dreamscape begins as The Matrix meets Alice in Wonderland as fantasy and reality collide in A Traitor to Dreams.

I’m still not sold on the whole “Ask for the sale” part (I cribbed this format from a great blurb I found on Amazon), but what is life is you’re not always learning?

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