Kombat of the Mortal Variety

I love Cinemassacre. I’ve been following James Rolfe and his various characters, from the Angry Video Game Nerd and Board James to his recent character as the proprietor of Cinemassacre Rentals, since 2006, and he’s only gotten funnier. His takes on bad video games are obviously hilarious, but I love his insights into movies and the good games he plays with co-conspirator Mike Matei.

It helps that Rolfe is my age, so his humor and references are in my comfort zone, but the dude is just flat-out funny and talented regardless of your age. His take on Netflix was hilarious.

Rolfe got in trouble during 2016’s Ghostbusters reboot fiasco, but he emerged unscathed by neither apologizing nor fighting back. He basically ignored the furor. Genius.

Here, he wonders why that kid shouts “MORTAL KOMBAT!” in that old Mortal Kombat commercial. Enjoy!

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