Chaos At Home

I’ve written about how working in customer service as a youth (and adult) has given me a high tolerance for chaos, and let me tell you few things are as chaotic as watching two sick kids while you yourself are sick and your sick wife is at work.

The baby had a low grade fever. Her temperature is fine now, but still not herself. My son, on the other hand, is over what knocked him out last weekend . . . except for that cough. Now, if the baby gets that cough, it’s hospital city for us. So what have I done?

I’ve basically kept the two of them in separate rooms. And I’ve had to bounce between them.

So far so good. My son gets frustrated because he loves his sister. I get frustrated because it feels like I’m ignoring my son, and can only hang out with him when the baby is asleep. But it beats having the baby catch the whooping cough or something.

What I’ve learned is that:

  • Things are temporary.
  • Kids are good at not taking things personally, and they understand much more than we think they do.
  • The human body can handle things far beyond what we think it’s capable of. You just have to push yourself . . . because you have no choice.
  • When you’re sick, nothing tastes the same. Even water tastes disgusting.

With luck, I’ll be back to posting regular stuff about not being sick very soon. Thanks for your patience!

For $2.99, why not make a sick man happy and give his debut novel a try? If you like stranger-in-a-strange-word sci-fi/urban fantasy that’ll make you think, A Traitor to Dreams will surely cure what ails ya.


      • Alexander,

        I’ll give you the advice that my dad the retired doctor told me when I had my kid:

        It’s good that kids get sick because the more exposure to germs etc, the stronger the immune system will be. But you can’t hurry the recovery

        I understood him then even so at the time the boy was sick with a 41 C fever, ya kinda freak out 🙂
        And he did get sick often when he was in daycare including foot and mouth disease. Quite common where I live.

        TL;DR getting sick sucks especially for kids but they develop the necessary immunity.


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      • Oh yeah that’s completely true. And it does freak you out when they get a fever. That’s the scariest thing. Or one of them. Our son got the croup when he was four months old. That was dicey, let me tell you.


  1. I hope you and your kids get better. Nice job on handling a stressful situation as well as you can. Good parenting right here, and good example of how an adult should act.

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  2. I feel your pain, man. A few years ago me, the wife, and all four kids got the raging stomach flu. It wiped out our entire household for almost 2 weeks. The only thing harder than taking care of sick kids is being sick when doing it. Hang in there! Every day you’ll get a little bit better.

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    • Brutal man! Agreed about how being sick while tending to sick kids is the worst. But we’re all on the mend. By last night I actually had my appetite back, and this morning save for a stuffy nose and a cough that doesn’t hurt anymore, I feel almost like new. The baby is fine. The boy is just dealing with a cough and stuffy nose as well, and the wife is likewise almost her old self.

      Just gotta power through.


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