Vent Switch: How Do Other Religions Do It? *UPDATED*

There’s got to be a way to express your belief that blasphemy isn’t cool without getting all stabby and bomby about it, doesn’t there? Get a load of this:

DC Comics drew critical praise for its series of short-run books that re-imagine classic characters and coming up soon, the company is set to release a new book featuring an out-of-touch, bungling Jesus Christ in the lead.

In the new comic, written by Mark Russell, Jesus Christ will be portrayed as an out-of-touch former savior who is cast out of his prison in heaven and back down to earth because God the Father felt that Christ messed up his first visit with mankind, Newsbusters reported.

The book is to be called Second Coming and will feature Jesus living in an apartment with a superhero named Sun-Man. Russell described the superhero as “the varsity quarterback son God never had.”

“An all-powerful superhero, named Sun-Man, has to share a two-bedroom apartment with Jesus Christ,” the writer told pop culture website Bleeding Cool. “The conceit is that God was so upset with Jesus’s performance the first time he came to Earth since he was arrested so soon and crucified shortly after, that he has kept him locked-up since then.”

God apparently notices Sun-Man doing good on earth and decides to send Jesus back to “learn” from the super man.

“God then sees this superhero on Earth a few thousand years later and says ‘that’s what I wanted for you!’ He sends Jesus down to learn from this superhero, and they end up learning from each other,” Russell said. “They learn the limitations of each other’s approach to the world and its problems.”

Russell also says that his Jesus will have been kept in a heavenly prison since his crucifixion because God is mad at him: “God was so upset with the fact that he got crucified the last time that he wouldn’t even let him look through the celestial keyhole at Earth to keep up.”

Apparently, Russell’s Jesus will have been totally unable to see what has been happening on earth in the interim and is shocked when he returns to earth and “he sees has been done in his name by Christianity in the last two thousand years.”

To review: God didn’t create Sun-Man, he only “sees him” on earth. God was mad a Jesus for bungling his first visit to earth that ended in a crucifixion. Jesus was put in prison by God after messing up. God sends Jesus to earth to “learn” from the superhero. God thinks Sun-Man makes a better son for him than Jesus. And now Jesus is furious with how Christians have treated his memory.

This is so cringe-inducing it doesn’t bear elaboration. But the sad thing is that our society is so biblically illiterate, people will probably think that Christ did “fail” by “letting” Himself get crucified.

It takes a lot to offend me. This offends me. A lot. And we can take the sarcastic “Cool! Now do Mohammed!” or “Do a Jewish comic now!” route, but it makes no difference because these people never will.

Part of it is because these Christophobes who claim that religion is passé only actually feel particular animosity towards one specific faith–which itself has to make you wonder why that is. The other is that Muslims and Jews are far better organized and connected with the levers of entertainment, tech, and government than even the Catholic Church.

What to do? Who do you reach out to? How do you let DC Comics understand this is not okay and they will face repercussions beyond just not buying the comic (which will tank because it sounds utterly retarded anyway).

Doing something this blasphemous about another religion or similarly coddled group would be disastrous for DC Comics, or any other entertainment entity. Why must Christians stand for this?

I used to be all for free speech before I realized it was a one-way street. I’d be for free speech if everyone had to play by the same rules. But they don’t. Like everything, it all comes down to “who/whom.”

And I mean, the fact that this superhero God supposedly loves more than Jesus is called “Sun-Man” isn’t lost on me. There’s all this bullshit floating around about how Jesus is just a mish-mash is various sun gods that got thrown together.

Update: Notice how in all these “second coming of Jesus” stories, Christ is always shocked and angered by . . . some unspecified things that have been done in his name?

Yep! He’s never angry about abortion, degeneracy, pedophilia, neo-paganism, idolatry, or satanism. Nope! It’s Christians he can’t stand.

It’s like these people know they’re bad, so they have to make up stories about how Jesus really loves people like them (even thought the majority of them don’t believe in God, or if they do, hate him). This way, they can go “See? See? I’m not the bad guy! You are!”

Projection is a hell of a thing.


  1. Good question. As you noted this sounds so absurdly dumb it’s guaranteed to tank anyway. I mean, it would probably be difficult to find copies to burn even if they seemed like the best course of action. Hell, at this point it’s hard to find comic book *stores* to burn down, if one wanted to. Probably far more practical is praying for the piece of garbage who’s writing them, that he might repent and become a man.

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  2. Deny them your money.

    If carried by your favorite comic or game store, then let the store owner know why the book is trash and why you’ll never patronize his location again. Stop buying any Warner Brothers film, TV show, or movie. Write advertisers and explain why you won’t buy any of their products and you will convince your family and friends to do the same. Boycott any DC superhero movie and do not buy the DVD, Blu-ray, or stream of said films. Tell others the simple truth of what this book is and the actions you are taking to protest it.

    With good luck, many will follow one or more of your actions. Gamergate lives.

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  3. Do something about it. See, if this comic was about the Muzzies every goat fucker would be screaming fatwa and the writers would get a good dose of Charlie Hebdo. But no, Christians will just silently bitch and tuck their tails between their legs.

    Sadly that’s why I can’t see myself becoming a Christian.

    Sorry to come off harsh.

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    • No need to be sorry. Christians have let ourselves become politically marginalized. I’ll bet the fucking Hell’s Angels have a more effective lobbying group than we do.

      We can’t touch CAIR or the ADL or the LGBTQ insane clown posse in terms of power and influence and money. We need to take other steps. And it’s got to be leaderless.

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      • Maybe it’s time for Christians to look back at the martyrs who died refusing to bend their knees to the Romans.

        I just don’t understand how one can believe in God and Satan yet allow ones children to be educated into accepting transgenderism and tolerating obvious satanism.

        Maybe some torch and pitchfork time is needed.

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      • Yeah I don’t understand that either. My best guess is that the mainline churches thought if they played along, they’d be left alone.

        Or, if they DIDN’T play along, the government would decide to tax them into oblivion.


      • Alexandru,

        You’re right about going back but since we’re dealing with the invincibly and willful ignorant. So you need to start with the contemporary martyrs: like the Cristeros, the Russians, the Spanish , Eastern Europeans. Then the 21 Copts martyered in Libya, the French monks in Algeria, etc

        Look I’d love for an armed Crusade be called and go all Knights Hospitallier on our enemies but he have to overcome the squishy squeamishness within our own ranks. Be proud how we are.


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  4. They think they’re edgy, but how edgy and daring is it to attack a target that’s not going to storm their offices and behead them? Do that, DC. Then I’ll be impressed. Cut to David spade on snl weekend update: “Yeah I liked it better when it was called the last temptation of Christ.” Yawn.

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  5. Advertisers: start here —

    1.) Check out who advertises on each TV show shown on the WB pages.
    2.) Swing by your local comic shop and thumb through a new DC comic; note a few advertisers — let the owner know about this book and let him know that your patronage is in question (if you are a reader/collector)
    3.) If you have a local station that carries WB shows, see who is a local advertiser. Stop by or write — be polite, and explain what DC Comics is, what they’ve done, and that WB owns them — your patronage is in question if they continue to support this WB show.

    * Be polite, be professional, be factual.

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  6. Just be careful not to draw more attention to this project. They have the right to produce it and in the past a lot of good hearted people have inadvertently promoted the very thing they tried boycotting. My feeling is this will be a very niche comic book and not last long. It doesn’t seem like what you’re doing anyway but I thought I’d best toss a word of caution your way.


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