Which Systems? *UPDATED*

It’s come to my attention, thanks to friend of the blog Citizen Tom, that in my last post I never described which systems failed Gen X, and obviously the subsequent generations. So here goes:

Education. The big one. Our generation was where American children started to fall behind. Lowering standards, homogenous classes (I remember this starting in the fourth grade, and our teachers proudly told us about it!) with the false idea that it would bring the poor students up instead of dragging the good students down, changing how things were taught, and changing what was taught. We knew jack about history, grammar, and our own language, but hey! We knew all about AIDS, homosexuality, and safe sex, had really high self-esteem, and could apply condoms to bananas.

We were experimented on in our education. And nobody asked us.

Economic. It’s not Boomers’ fault that the systems worked so well for them. Their predecessors bequeathed them an excellent system where a little smarts and a little grit and grind could almost guarantee you a successful career. Better still, government policy was geared towards protecting their investments. And Boomers replaced the aging, retiring Greatest and Silent managerial class. It was the Boomers’ turn to run the show, and run it they did . . .

. . . and they’re still running it in the year 2019. When they do retire, Millennials are getting the nod to replace them because is Xers are “too old.” Thanks guys.

Oh, and under Boomer management, we’ve had some pretty bad recessions, stagnant wages, and foreign competition for work (more on that system layer). But at least the (Boomer-run) government bailed them out!

And don’t get me started on fiat currency and our trade deficit . . . cheap consumer gadgets do not trump a robust American culture.

University. College is a joke. Again, I don’t fault Boomers for being beneficiaries of an excellent university system. I do fault them for failing to read the tea leaves: If everyone is shunted off to college–with huge loans–then the value of a college degree by necessity will fall. And then the administrators of said colleges turned their schools into replicas of the insanity they started at places like Berkeley. Free speech was a sham that turned in to political correctness. So now we have devalued degrees and a culturally Marxist nation.

Worse, many conservative Boomers complained mightily about it . . . but sent their kids to college anyway, thereby feeding the corrupt system. Way to go.

Immigration. It’s tough to put that college degree to use when rapacious megacorps can just pay a foreign version of you some 25-40 percent less, or whatever it is, while making their workforce look “vibrant and reflective of the current US population.” Forget throwing a bone to those who were born and raised here.

Why are the children of illegals called “Dreamers” while Gen Xers were called “slackers”? Naturally, many Boomers looked at their own progeny with disdain while importing a new population. Mostly as cheap labor, but also to feel good about themselves and not be “racist” like they thought their fascist, nationalist parents were.

Military. For all their anti-draft, anti-war, and anti-Vietnam (but mostly anti-draft) agitating, Boomers sure love sending young men to Muslim countries in the name of “nation-building” on behalf of people who have always hated us and always will. Tell me again what good sending troops to Somalia did.

Millennials got the shaft in this regard too. Remember when we sent troops to Iraq with inadequate body armor? Good times.

Entertainment. Do I need to get started on how our pop culture is full of negative, anti-civilizational messages steeped in moral relativism, progressive propaganda, and postmodern meaninglessness? What was pumped into our heads as kids–created by Boomers–mostly depicted children as evil or at least an annoyance.

So there you have it. A smattering of systems that failed Gen X. To make matters worse, we’ve been largely passed over when it comes to running the show.

We might be cynical, but we’re realistic and know how to make the best of the situation.

Update: From friend of the blog Jill Domschot: Apparently Gen X just doesn’t exist . . .


  1. To your list I would also add the church. In the Catholic Church, the “innovators” and “reformers” abandoned centuries of beauty and Tradition for the ridiculous Novus Ordo Mass. Vatican II emptied seminaries and congregations around the world, exactly as its architects intended. Although Boomers were young when Vatican II occurred, they went along with it and indeed many of today’s cringiest and corrupt prelates are Boomers.

    Although I’m a few years younger, your experiences in the education system are similar to mine. I attended a “good” public school in California, but never took an English class — we had “language arts” instead! What a joke.

    Boomer entertainment is interesting because we’re still so saturated with it, but I expect it to up and vanish once they’re gone, like flipping off a light switch. This is true for all generations, yes, but the “overhang” of Boomer entertainment is unprecedented.

    Maybe “Turn! Turn! Turn!” by The Byrds will endure since most of the lyrics are taken verbatim from Ecclesiastes. But who outside of aging Hillary voters likes Janis Joplin? What circle of Hell do you think plays John Lennon’s “Imagine” on repeat?

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    • I didn’t include the Catholic Church because I’m not catholic, but I’ve heard a lot of people discuss their displeasure with Vatican II and how it turned them off from church. Such a shame.

      Yes, “language arts” and “social studies.”

      And I’m with you about the Boomer entertainment. I do think some of the best rock and roll bands ever came from that era, as well as singers from Motown. Much of it will stand the test of time . . . just not “Imagine” *shudder*


  2. Ahhhh, now there’s a good righteous rant! I especially liked, “We’ve been largely passed over when it comes to running the show.” Right?? How did we somehow go from Boomers to Millenials? Wut’s with that??

    Education was a huge problem, still is. I remember my oldest kid going to first grade and coming home knowing all about homosexuality (and later how to put condoms on a banana,) but knowing nothing of human sexuality at all. I remember the confusion that hit me when I realized this little kid didn’t even know where babies came from, but she was wanting to know what being gay meant. Arggg…

    But maybe it’s not all bad,maybe we weren’t failed at all, maybe we are just America’s best kept secret. I like to believe that anyway.

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      • Alexander,

        Wow you too were experimented on in schools? Same here in Canada.
        Totally agree with Anabasis on catechism. I had the double perfect storm. The consolidation of the secularists trends of the revvolution tranquille and the very bad faith application of vaTitan II.

        The effect have been the Atacama desert pretty much all my life. Though I see shoots coming up.

        Yup boomers refused to retire back when they should in the 90s instead they behave like the doddering drooling politburo member.


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  3. Jilldomscot

    Thanks. Wow just wow. We really are the memory hold generation.

    Time to take Brian’so advice send the boomers to the nursing homes and declared inapt


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