Call to Action Follow-Up and More Reading the Tea Leaves


Back in early December, I posted a call to action, urging readers to contact their Representatives and Senators about the proposed USMCA, the NAFTA-replacement. In particular, there was a provision that granted tech companies immunity from user generated content, and allowed them to “restrict material it considers to be harmful or objectionable.” Worse, all three nations–the U.S., Canada, and Mexico–would need to agree in order to amend any of these provisions.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that this would give the unelected Masters of the Universe, more powerful than some countries, even more ways to stifle voices that dissent from the narrative and sway elections, something that is one of their stated goals.

In any event, I received a form email from one of my state’s Senators acknowledging receipt of my letter. And to date, I have not received anything from my Representative.

However, my other state senator replied to me via email yesterday and . . . if she even read my message to her back in December, she totally missed the point:

Dear Alexander,

Thank you for contacting me about campaign finance reform.

I share your concerns about the undue influence that corporations and other powerful interests have over our elections. The Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission overturned a century of precedent, eliminating campaign finance restrictions that had been passed by Congress. Without those restrictions, it has become substantially easier for corporations and deep-pocketed individuals to flood our elections with unlimited sums of anonymous, private money. Following that decision, McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission struck down federal aggregate contribution limits – commonsense safeguards meant to preserve the integrity of our democracy and prevent corruption, or the appearance of corruption. The Citizens United and McCutcheon decisions have done enormous harm to our democracy, and I am fully committed to fight to change them.

For that reason, I have cosponsored a joint resolution to amend the Constitution by granting Congress and the states the express authority to regulate the raising and spending of money for political campaigns. Such an amendment would require votes of two-thirds of each chamber of Congress, followed by ratification by three-quarters of the states. Our campaign finance system should not allow those with big bank accounts to drown out other voices in our political system.

I have also cosponsored legislation to curb undisclosed spending in elections by requiring organizations that spend money in elections to disclose their large-dollar donors, as well as legislation to set up a voluntary public campaign financing system for candidates for the U.S. Senate. I have also urged the Securities and Exchange Commission to adopt rules to require public companies to disclose how they use corporate resources for political activities. I will keep pushing for these and other approaches to get big money out of our politics.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with me, and I hope you reach out to my office again in the future about issues of importance to you.

I contact this woman about big tech and the proposed NAFTA replacement that would give two foreign governments the ability to nix America’s power to regulate Big Tech, and I get a bland message recounting the horrors of Citizens United.

So much for sending people to Washington who listen to us.

I imagine you want to know who this senator is. It’s someone who has been in the news a lot, though for reasons I’m sure she wishes people would just shut up about:


Elizabeth Warren.

Warren, who has also announced that she is running for President in 2020, has run into trouble her whole political career for pretending to be an American Indian. And things just got worse with the discovery that she listed herself as “American Indian” on her application to join the Texas State Bar, this after taking a DNA test (something she vowed she’d never do previously) that proved she had maybe 1/1024 Native ancestry, but most of that potentially from Central and South America.

I’m not here to dunk on Elizabeth Warren–I’ll let inimitable Boston conservative personality Howie Carr do that (Seriously, read the article. It’s hilarious). I just wanted to use this all to make two points:

  1. At least I received a follow-up email, but it just underscores the futility of trying to contact your Congressional representatives via polite means. The only way to get stuff done is organize, protest, march, and throw massive sums of money around, something people like Senator Warren want to make sure only her favored special interests can do and not the rest of us plebes.
  2. Our media is utter garbage and essentially the propaganda wing of the people who run the Democrat party. Seriously, this is all designed by the left to take Warren out. Otherwise, why nowWhy not in 2012 when she first ran for the Senate? If Warren is a liability and a proven race-hoaxer, why is the smoking gun proof just coming out now? Don’t journalists usually dig into the powerful? This is a rhetorical question that we all know the answer to: Warren was useful in 2012. She isn’t useful now. The left is pushing Kamala Harris as their best chance to win in 2020. Witness the media assassinations of the anti-war Tulsi Gabbard (remember when Democrats were anti-war?) and Starbucks magnate Howard Schultz. I guarantee you some fishy stuff will come out about Cory Booker, who has also thrown his hat into the ring. The only other hopeful that I think the media might get behind besides Harris is Beto O’Rourke, who as far as I know hasn’t announced his intention to run. I’m not sure the Democrat party has the stomach to push a straight white male candidate, though I could be wrong.

For whatever reason, Senator Warren has become a liability to the Democrats. I don’t think it’s her policies, which seem in line with her party’s platform, or her popularity, which seems to hit the mark with the Democrats’ favored constituents. No, my take is that the Democrat higher-ups know this will come out eventually during the campaign and want to jump on it first before the Republicans can.

This is a mercy killing, an attempt to snuff out Warren’s presidential aspirations before they even begin for the good of the party. Anyway, we all know Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is going to be the next Democrat President someday, probably by 2028 at the latest.

So there you have it: From a follow up regarding my concerns about Big Tech to reading the tea leaves about the 2020 Presidential election and beyond. This is the kind of value I provide to you, the reader, for free.

If you like my political prognostications, you’ll love my take on where Big Tech might be leading us eventually in A Traitor to Dreams, where high technology and Silicon Valley Masters of the Universe meet the supernatural in a bid to become literal deities. I won’t say more except that the $0.99 sale ends this week. So read it and enjoy!


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