Bumbling Schmucks and the Women who Hate Them *UPDATED*

Just like I’ve learned to actively hate the Harry Potter series due to its creator, its fans, and the utterly obnoxious politics that have sprang up around it, I have also finally become officially anti-Star Wars. The mere mention of this franchise makes me want to puke.

There is a new form of jackassery reinterpreting the way Luke and Han were portrayed in the original trilogy, casting them as nothing more than bumbling schmucks who had to be bailed out by kickass women, i.e., Princess Leia. Because of that scene in the Death Star in the first movie or something.

For the record, this is not true. All the characters in the original trilogy had funny moments and remarks, and you need to remember that, when Luke, Han, and Leia first met each other, none of them liked each other. They grew to like each other–that’s called character development.

But wait, there’s more: Leia is the most competent in the Death Star escape sequence because she’s been leading a galactic rebellion for quite some time, while Luke was a farm boy who’d never left Tatooine, and Han was a selfish prick. But Luke and Han weren’t bumbling idiots, and Leia wasn’t a cunt.

Some idiots on one side are saying Star Wars has always been anti-male, and should therefore be boycotted, while idiots on the other side are saying “MEN SUCK WOMYN RULE.”

I’m done. I’ve had it. I’m tapped out. They can both go straight to hell.

The Last Jedi murdered any hope at all I may have had for Disney Star Wars not being a pustule or fetid trash. The whole “any criticism of The Last Jedi is Russian-fueled alt-right Nazi misogyny” irked me, but didn’t kill my appreciation for the original–I say the only–movies.

This latest front in the culture wars has beaten me. You win, morons. You can have Star Wars. It’s played out, creatively exhausted, failing brand anyway.

This speaks to yet another trope that I wish would learn a new definition of suffering as it is slowly digested over one-thousand years: the bumbling, hapless male and the ball-cutting competent female.

This has been around since I was a kid and it’s gotten worse. It’s in enough shows my son watches, when he watches TV, that when it’s not there, it’s a noticeable exception.

To be fair, I don’t see this in my son’s favorite show, Ninjago. Nya makes comments, but they’re not gender-related; everyone on that show makes comments and busts on each other, but at the end of the day, they’re all friends. And her boyfriend is Jay, who is a hypochondriac but ultimately a good guy.

Anyway, this trope goes like this:

  • Man is doing something to fix a problem, get out of a dangerous situation, or something like that.
  • Woman tells him “That won’t work,” usually in as bitchy a manner as possible, while offering no alternative or even trying to help.
  • Man says, “Trust me!” and acts as cocky as possible.
  • Woman shakes her head or rolls her eyes or makes a disgusted sound or says something really nasty. Usually all three.
  • Man fails in “hilarious” fashion as the exact thing the woman warned against going wrong happens.
  • The woman makes another snide, emasculating comment while stepping in to save the day.
  • Repeat ad nauseum.

Sitcoms . . . cartoons . . . movies . . . books . . . kids’ shows . . .

Stop. Enough.

Do you know any actual, real-world relationships like this? Now, do you know any where the guy stays in this relationship? Now, if you do, tell me–does this guy have any self-respect? Is he happy?

Of course he doesn’t, and of course he isn’t. And, most likely, neither is the woman.

This trope is everywhere, and because pop culture is the biggest influencers of our children (that is, if you allow them to mindlessly consume it, it will affect how men and women see each other.

With disastrous results.

Men and women are not natural enemies. The idea that we are is radical, anti-family and anti-God left-wing feminism, yet another example of how a fringe kook theory cooked up by people angry that they’re an incredibly small minority and feel bad about themselves in order to force society to accept them as normal has been pushed into the mainstream by sympathetic institutions that have been infiltrated by the same kind of evil people.

How about a story where a man and woman team up and, whether or not they become romantically involved, actually like each other?

Why not have a tale where the man and the woman are both competent?

Why don’t stories reflect reality instead of trying to influence it in a negative direction?

Because when men and women hate each other, that means less happiness and fewer people having children. Which keeps YOU weak and the powers-that-be STRONG, because we all know our ruling class doesn’t let their own children watch or use the act same stuff that they themselves create.

Poison for thee, and not for me.

So yes, I’m saying that, at this point, Star Wars and it’s fandom are poison.

I tell you, the only untainted, massively popular anything left is The Lord of the Rings.

Update: Brian Neimeier breaks down the short Disney animations in question and comes up with a pithy, accurate, and true conclusion:

The whole video is like this. Fake Leia rages like being rescued is an affront to her dignity and her rescuers are affronts to her existence. At least she doesn’t mow them down like a psychopath, which can’t be said for the hapless stormtroopers.

It’s Star Wars Galaxy of Cluster B Personality Disorders.

The animators know what they’re doing. They’ve vandalized a classic to vent their irrational rage at the men and boys who were Star Wars’ core audience.

Disney hates you. Don’t give them money.

Want the antidote to cultural rot? Support independent authors who don’t hate you! My debut novel A Traitor to Dreams has been getting great reviews, particularly for its depiction of a competent female lead who isn’t a mirthless ball-buster and uses her skills and abilities to overcome the challenges she faces in the strange world she finds herself in.


  1. I think this is what many social justice advocates are trying to present for the sake of resisting the “patriarchy,” misogyny, and I forget what other buzzwords, but I don’t think it means we need to surrender otherwise good entertainment.

    I can’t speak to Harry Potter since I’ve never read any of the books or seen any of the films. On the other hand, old school Star Wars (original trilogy) and Star Trek (though “Enterprise,” though that’s a stretch) are among my favorites. I don’t care what people say about them, they are not in charge of shaping my beliefs and attitudes. I am.

    I was 12 in 1966 when the original series first appeared on the air, and an adult in 1977 when the film “Star Wars” was first shown. Chances are, most of these pundits weren’t even born back then, which means I “owned” these creations first.

    Part of fighting back is to finally realize my dream of having some of my SF/F stories published and to very slowly build a readership. One of the anthologies to accept my work can now be pre-ordered on Amazon, so I’m one step closer to my goals, which means one step closer to getting my vision of such stories before a wider public. That’s how you fight back. Write better stories, get fans, promote heroism.

    I know I’ll feel deflated by the vultures again, probably pretty soon, but for now, I’m keeping my head up high.

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    • Congratulations James! That’s fantastic!

      These people with political axes to grind ruin everything. Harry Potter went from harmless fun to an important piece of left-wing propaganda thanks to obnoxious fans, and it’s obnoxious creator.

      I’m just sick of Star Wars now, no matter how much I enjoy the first three movies. I don’t want anything to do with the franchise, nor will I spend another goddamn cent on it. Luckily, my son’s Star Wars phase has passed, and I bought the original trilogy over a decade ago, so that should be easy.

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  2. Playing off stereotypes is fine, as long as they’re played in both directions. From a female perspective, a man might very well appear incompetent because he doesn’t understand her and what she’s saying. But he doesn’t because from his perspective, women are crazy. So the stereotype is men are stupid and women are crazy. True. So now comic hijinks are in order where each proves the other wrong. That’s the basis for so much effective romantic comedy. It’s just too bad that the stereotype is now only going one way.

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  3. Three things:

    1. Men of the right need not fear the patriarchy. Patriarchy built both the West and the Church.

    2. Don’t want to be a bumbling schmuck with no self-respect? Stay away from soy. Fermented products such as miso, tempeh, and soy sauce will hurt you the least, whereas straight up soy milk will make you grow breasts. Also make sure that you buy your own food so as to check the ingredient lists for soybean oil.

    3. Stay away from corporate storytelling! Even after you, the creator, retire from your franchise, the corporation that owns your IP will hire feminist producers and directors to deliberately wreck your legacy.

    Anything else? Oh, yeah – stay away from fandoms! Nothing will drive general audiences away from your work faster than weird adults who ship your characters in homosexual relationships.

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      • Unfortunately for me, the Roman end of Catholicism seems to be struggling with that first point.

        Once, there was a time when I desired conversion to Orthodoxy. I do believe that the Roman church can get me to Heaven, but sometimes, I wonder if I made a mistake in forsaking the Church of Greece.

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      • Well, honestly I wouldn’t let a, shall we say, suboptimal Pope and hierarchy completely wreck your faith. That said, I have been Orthodox my whole life, and while I’m only 37, I haven’t seen any creeping leftism in our services or beliefs. Hell, the women at church are some of our dogma and doctrine and tradition’s fiercest defenders.


  4. —Cleverness and sympathy yes, lacking in a lot of this.

    —Star Wars ended with Return of the Jedi. The fairy-tale happy ending.

    If they really wanted to do more then set it 1000s of years away from the original trilogy but face it, nothing was going to match up to it. Three movies, one story, the growth of Luke as a jedi, Han as a good man and Leia opening herself to falling in love along with the redemption of Vader. There’s enough hints of the larger world this is all taking place in, but no need to explore every nook and cranny.

    I remember when Star Wars was just something you watched and enjoyed and went on to other things. it hadn’t reached a point where people are casting themselves as the Rebellions and Republicans as the Empire. Let alone giant celebrations and women dressed as slave leia. Well, all right, I like women dressed like slave leia. But besides that, what’s the point of more Star Wars?

    —But if people are excited about Halloween remakes and Child’s Play, well…it seems like it’s all part of the same problem.

    —And that’s aside form the story telling problems in the recent movies. Who the hell does a trilogy like a game of telephone?

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    • Star Wars used to be a fun, complete thing you could enjoy like a good book. Sadly, unrestrained capitalism took hold and tried to turn it into a money-printing machine, irrespective of artistic considerations. It worked for a while, but those days are over.


  5. —My friends were shocked when I skipped out on the recent movies but who wants to see elderly Han Solo? As I learned more of the story the more I realized i was correct in passing on ’em. How terrible, Han’s marriage falls apart and he’s still smuggling with Chewbacca? It doesn’t matter though, if I want to enjoy the original trilogy I still can. But again, I get where you’re coming from. Obnoxious fans are a turn-off.

    —I’m still shocked Lucas sold the series, billion dollars or no, having control of Star Wars by the guy who created it is super-rare in hollywood. If unprecedented, I can’t think of another movie owned by the guy who came up with it.

    —-The stereotype of the disdainful woman and clumsy man is ridiculous, overplayed, tired etc. But the mockery only works because underneath everyone knows men are not only capable but able to handle being made fun of. Perhaps some of it is tied to women being maternal and standing off to one side disapproving while men/boys do something foolhardy. And while that can happen in real life, the propaganda of intelligent/capable woman and foolish idiot man-baby is just awful.

    —Right too about no woman wanting to be in a relationship with a dolt; she doesn’t want to play Mommy or be a nag.

    —The problem is the repetition of these ideas across the culture. But I’m preachin’ to the choir here.


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  6. Alexander.

    The idiot guy isn’t new. Look at the TV show the Honeymooners

    I don’t get.guys had just finished fighting a grueling world war and all of sudden they’re doofuses?!
    To me it’s an unconscious admission by the communist screenwriters of how they see themselves. Makes me wonder what domestic arrangements they lived with.
    Sorta like the creator of wonder woman. While not a commie still weird.

    Unclever Hans,

    Perspective helps
    Remember St Petrr Damian faced some very similar back in the 1200. Suboptimal pipes. Remember the Borjas. Yet Alexander VI had a grandson who’s a saint.
    So God promised us that the gates of hell won’t prevail and I accept that promise


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      • Alexander,

        Agreed. I find that trope deeply insulting. If you push the logic of it hard, the content creators have to create unrealistic female characters. Ya know somebody like Snooki who beats up Dwayne Johnson (the Rock) while carrying 50 kg of equipment running up a steep mountain to disarm an antimatter bomb in a James Bond villan cave(tm)
        and don’t forget she goes through 10 000 minions like a blowtorch

        I like brave women too. But I also want them sexy smart, damned ingenious who complement the heros. Not grrrrls!


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      • The agenda is “Men suck, women rule.” We see this in every facet of life. I don’t know how the United States is going to survive long-term when we have two sides with, quite literally, the opposite world view from each other.


  7. Doesn’t the entire SJW-leftist-insanity complex seem like a giant fandom for, say, Hieronymus Bosch’s version of Hell?

    Instead of Wookies and AT-AT’s, you have made up stuff like “global warming” and “intersectional-blah-blah-blah.” Thousands of script writers, I mean academics, produce new fictions and phrases and characters each year. And what about those Antifa cosplayers!?

    The detestable Harry Potter, MCU/Avengers, and Star Wars fandoms aren’t distinct; rather they’re outgrowths of the aforementioned Meta-fandom which seeks to assimilate everything.

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  8. “I tell you, the only untainted, massively popular anything left is The Lord of the Rings.”

    Until the amazon series comes out and destroys it. But I think the audience is tired of wokeness now. It will blow up their faces.

    However, I agree with the larger point about men and women. I like stories with both sexes because I enjoy their interaction with each other, but they appear to be made less and less these days. And the soft, weak men that litter all mainstream entertainment turn me off hardcore. I can’t think of the last male from Hollywood outside of John Wick that connected with me at all.

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  9. —For better or worse the special editions showed his focus was now on the effects and the world, what made the first movie work wasn’t just the setting and f/x alone but the characters. I think over time it came out how much his ex-wife and others on his team were a major influence on these movies, helping make them what they were. Without those individuals, perhaps no one to challenged him during the production of the Phantom Menance and the dreck was the result.

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      • The biggest problem with the prequels is that George wrote the screenplay. He’s a great director and storyteller, but he’s an awful screenwriter. He had others handles it for IV-VI but he did it himself for I-III and it showed. (That and having the stiff and wooden Hayden Christiensen and Natalie Portman in the two lead roles…thank God for Ewan McGregor). Still, I really like I-III and rank them ahead of VII (which I liked a LOT) and VIII (which should be erased from existence and remade by JJ Abrams while Rian Johnson is drawn and quartered live on PPV TV).

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