Take Heart

Just a friendly reminder that things are not as bad as they seem.

The perpetual outrage machine wants us scared, anxious, and angry. At who or what we’re scared of, anxious about, and angry at is situational and tailor made to suit your specific fears.

You are human cattle to the powers that be. They want to separate you from the things that matter: your faith, your family, and the things that bring you joy. They replaced these things with sex, violence, drugs, and rock and roll . . . or in the case of the 21st century where rock music doesn’t matter, pop music generally.

Now, maybe sex, violence, drugs, and all of that do bring you joy. I doubt it, but you never know.

When you’re attention is being diverted somewhere, when the crisis-of-the-day demands your immediate and all-encompassing attention . . . ignore it. 

The official story is mostly lies, and the truth will come out anyway. Worrying about things that happened hundreds or thousands of miles away is pointless. Acknowledge bad news, mourn for the victims, and continue on your day. Don’t let it affect your mood. 

Every day is a struggle against the forces of darkness. Expect it, embrace it, and rejoice in the fact that you have the power to fight back.

Look at the freakshow of people who currently run this country and who want to run this country, thank God you’re not like them, and leave them to their own devices. When the whole rotten edifice crumbles, you’ll be in far better shape than they will be. 

For something that’ll bring you joy, check out my novel A Traitor to Dreams. And if you like it, you’ll love my upcoming book The Last Ancestor, on sale soon!


  1. Be like the Pharisees and thank God for not being sinful as everyone else. What ever you do, don’t emulate Christ–especially if you’re Christian–through prayer for your enemies or acknowledgement that only God and His church can protect you from dark forces.

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    • Not what I’m trying to say. Is it bad to recognize that but for God’s grace one could be separated from Him?

      I suppose I worded things inartfully. Thanks for pointing that out. Not my intention to advocate Pharisiacal (is that a word?) thinking.


      • Alexander

        Agreed. Waking up in the morning and watching the dawn and eating a nice breakfast puts things in perspective. Same goes for doing your hobbies, reading a book and working out. I simply tune out and just enjoy the moment.
        Despair is so sterIle


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      • You need to be as squishy as the pastors on Ancient Faith Radio. I personally recommend the “wisdom” of Fr. Barnabas Powell.

        More seriously, Christ did instruct us to shake the dust from our feet when heathens do not receive us, but He also asked the Father to forgive His murderers as they crucified Him.

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      • The theology taught on AFR is excellent, but its application is not.

        Fr. Powell, for example, is an evangelical convert to Orthodoxy, so he is hardly a rabid leftist. He once interviewed a Greek pastor who had lived under Turkish occupation, however, and even though they acknowledged the evil of Islam and the Arab sexual appetite, they still agreed that the West would benefit from importing Muslim refugees.

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