Ricky Gervais’ Golden Globes Monologue was Lame and Changes Nothing

I’m not a contrarian just to be different. I’m a contrarian because I’m right a lot of the times.

That said, here goes: Ricky Gervais’ Golden Globes monologue was neither brave nor edge, and it changes nothing. 

Ricky Gervais, like most comedians, hit a lot of soft targets. He was insulting the most easily insultable people on the face of the planet next to greedy, unintelligent, and vapid power-hungry politicians: greedy, unintelligent, and vapid power-hungry celebrities.


He called them stupid and uninformed! Ha ha ha! Wow! He made an Epstein joke! So edgy! His edgelordiness is making me bleed through my TV! Wow! A very slight Leonardo DiCaprio joke that kinda-sorta hints he may have unsavory desires for children when in reality he does what every rich and powerful man does which is date women much younger than him. What courage! Look, Ricky Gervais called the Foreign Press Corp “racist” for not having more people of color be nominated for various things. He’s the next Carlin!

Even though Carlin was a fraud and would be a woke, bootlicking SJW toady if he were alive today. But I digress.

Ricky Gervais is still an obnoxious, nihilistic asshole who hates you and everyone like you even though he cracked a few moderately chuckle-worthy jokes about Hollywood celebrities to their faces. If you’re a Christian, Ricky Gervais hates you. If you voted for Donald Trump, Ricky Gervais hates you. If you’re anything but a raging leftist atheist, Ricky Gervais hates you. 

You have no allies in the mainstream entertainment industry. Not one. People on this side of the great divide need to stop with this embarrassing trend of trying to find “our guy” in the enemy trenches. they don’t exist. If they existed, they wouldn’t be in the enemy trenches.

Everyone in the system has been co-opted, and has probably done some really disgusting stuff to get there. 

Don’t get excited about Ricky Gervais’s lame jokes that did not really go for the jugular, truly offend, or hit Hollywood where it hurts. He did not actually address any issues that matter, drop truth bombs or lob rhetorical Molotov cocktails at anyone, anywhere, and oblivious Hollywood weirdos and creeps will continue to do their thing, subverting and inverting and corrupting the culture to your detriment and their benefit. Remember: the entertainment industry will never change their behavior; their job is to change yours.

So anyway, sorry to fling all these needles at your balloons, but I’m right.

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    • Yeah…the role and importance of comedians had been way overblown in recent decades. Most are degenerate filth-merchants who say outrageous stuff to get paid and laid. Many are funded by subversive interests who want to ruin the culture and, by and large, mission accomplished.

      See Howard Stern, of all people, and his transformation into a boring, woke, doctrinaire Democrat. Zzzzzzzzz….

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    • I agree with his point there too, but he’s being a bit disingenuous playing the holier than thou card, because he makes political and, quite often, religious commentary all the time.

      I think most people admire his brashness more than anything. But I can’t help thinking this is approved dissent.


  1. You are right. That is why I had no inclination to give the video a view. Why prop up the illusion that the Golden Globes matter by giving my eyeballs to their spectacle? Why pay attention to anything anyone in media or entertainment has to say or does, except to know what not to say or do? Nope. A firm pass from me.

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    • Smart move.

      Read the transcript of Gervais’s monologue if you’re curious. The jokes are like . . . eh. I don’t know why everyone is losing their mind about the edginess or meanness of them. I see edgier and funnier on the internet and in person on a daily basis.

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  2. Alexander

    I saw the TV ads but hadn’t realized the Globes alreadyvhappened
    I was watching Mission impossible III.
    So I didn’t miss anything eh?

    Good to know as I so don’t care


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      • Alexander

        Yeah but I have to say I was stunned to hear Michele Williams(?) publically praise Moloch. I.e. if I hadn’t aborted my previous kid I’d have never gotten this award.

        Geez makes me wanto confront her with the witch test.


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      • Alexander,

        Yeah but I wonder if we shouldn’t have some compassion. She might be demonically oppressed and thus there’s hope.

        P.S. Here’s another observation. I call it the post traumatic tattooing.

        If a young girl/woman suddenly starts sporting a lot of tattoos; high chances are she’s been physically/sexually/ psychologically abused. Thus by covering herself with her ugly signalling she’s no longer beautiful thus avoid being targeted by future predators.

        My view is we gotta start unapologetically blowing away not only pedos but corrupters of women and girls.


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  3. You’re right. It would’ve been more impressive if Ricky Gervais had made all these jokes 2-3 years ago when Woke Culture was at it’s peak; as it stands now WC is declining and everybody hates it, including the very people that helped create it, so it’s getting safer to attack it head-on. I admittedly had a few chuckles at the joke but I am not suddenly a fan of Gervais.

    There is nothing brave to what he said; he knew it was a safe bet to make all these jokes. He is still not on anyone’s side, he is still an atheist, he is still unfunny; and from what I understand he has a Special coming to netflix or something similar, which is now guaranteed to be successful because gullible dolts will watch it with the false impression that he will continue mocking the SJWs they hate so much. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a marketing ploy.

    It’s all so tiresome.

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    • His jokes were absolutely safe. I’d he really wanted to be edgy, he’d have made full-fledged jokes about Hollywood pedophiles, race-bating insanity, feminist nonsense, or maybe even poked fun at the three groups you’re never allowed to make fun of in Hollywood if you ever want to work again (I’m not naming them because I don’t want my blog to be deleted). But no. Nothing but relatively weak, albeit professionally delivered, cheap shots. Yawn.

      And I also agree he might just be doing this to drum up interest in his projects. And so, so many people who claim to hate Hollywood and all it stands for will lap it up and watch because they’ll now think that Ricky Gervais is on their side.


  4. “If you’re a Christian, Ricky Gervais hates you. If you voted for Donald Trump, Ricky Gervais hates you.”

    Yeah, because trump voting christians like you, always playing the victims, sound so very compassionate and understanding…

    “obnoxious, nihilistic asshole
    enemy trenches”

    You give off such christian understanding. Jesus would be proud I’m sure. And you wonder why people hate you and your ilk? But you have no problem pointing to comedian’s hypocrisy? What a joke.


    • James
      Elaborate how Christsins are hated? What do they do in the U.S that justifies the hate?

      why should Christains tolerate an actress publically praising her abortion to get ahead. Or cops find thousands of dead and dismembered babies in dead abortionists houses? O Planned parenthood murder live babies and illegally traffic their body parts. And so on
      So please tell me again why do Christains deserve the hate?


      And so


      • for beleiving and spreading stupid shit like that maybe? the claim that planned parenthood trafficking baby body parts has been disproven over and over, yet you still believe it. that already shows me where you’re at mentally.
        but christians don’t deserve hate, and i don’t have them. but to decry hate for your christian faith and then turn around and throw hate filled insults at comedians, liberals, social justice warriors, or even fellow christians who disagree with you…..then yes, you’re a hypocrite and shouldn’t wonder why people hate you back. and, for that matter, you’re a social justice warrior yourself, only for white male christians…becuase you know, they’re the ones who are the most persecuted in this country. please.


      • “you’re a social justice warrior yourself”

        “You—you’re the REAL SJWs!”

        Ignoring that my post is criticizing of MAGA types who think Ricky Gervais is suddenly on their side, among other things.

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      • No, I am a Christian, and I don’t hate you. Pointing out that you’re being a hypocrite doesn’t mean I think you’re behind enemy lines or evil or whatever crap you spew at those evil comedians, destroying culture. And yes, you are a sjw, just justice for a different cause. And just as whiny.


      • This is the dumbest, most brain dead argument limpwrists like you put out.

        “You’re just as bad as the SJWS!”

        The SJWs control education, entertainment, news, and businesses. They fire, deplatform, and assault those who don’t think 100% like them from liberals to the Alt Reich and everything in between. They have deliberately destroyed, erased, and are currently vandalizing every aspect of the western world.

        No one is like the SJWs since NO ONE else can do or does any of the things they do. Try using your brain the next time you make an emotional spergout, sped.

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      • Jd, just proved to be yet another whiny sjw.
        Silly me for not seeing that no one can be like sjws since they basically control the world. Guess I missed that memo from your information bubble. Lmao.

        Why is it the stupidest people throw around “sped” the most? Never fails

        You are a social justice warrior. Social justice for those poor victimized white male christians. True reactionaries, dime a dozen.


      • And I’ll confess, after you kiss my ass. 🙂 I don’t give a shit if you believe I’m Christian or not. Believe I’m the devil for all I care
        Proving myself to bloggers and wannabe writers isn’t a priority. I unfortunately stumbled here and I’ll now gladly exit- without reading any more of these replies by pseudo Christian m, crypto fascist trumpers. Bye!


      • So you will only confess that the Jesus is the Christ and God raised him from the dead if people are nice to you? I’m sure the Lord is glad to have such a fair-weather follower.

        Even if you call us pseudo-Christian crypto-facists, I will still confess that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who raised him from the dead. Period. Put a gun to my head and I will still confess that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who raised him from the dead.

        And while I can’t speak for any other Christians, I am pretty sure they would agree with me.

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      • Note the following cognitive dissonance tells in the witch’s most recent gibberings:
        >Jokeless laugh
        >Personal attacks
        >Continued evasion

        This is how you know the witches HATE having their pretensions to moral authority stripped away, and why the Witch Test is an indispensable weapon.

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    • I think this is because there are many ostensibly good people who despair. And not knowing Christ and God-but yearning for them anyway- they look for any sign, any, that look like a light at the end of the tunnel. And to the uninformed, Gervais’ monologue had that appearance. And so they rallied to it.

      But despair is a sin. And this is one, among many reasons why: someone might flock to a man they believe is on their side.

      He is not.

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  5. I watched the stupid monologue. And besides not being terribly funny, I was watching for all the angry groans and reactions I was told happened.

    I heard applause, not groans. I saw a few annoyed frowns not anger. So much hype, so little substance and humor.

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  6. Hey, I go on a short trip, miss a couple days of posts, and all the action happens? Unfair.

    How hard is this “Christians” confessing that Jesus is Lord and Savior anyhoo? For me, I believe that Jesus of Nazareth is the Christ, and that God raised him from the Dead.

    Any Christian should be able to say that on a blog, get it screen capped, and then have it posted where ever, right?

    Silly witches! Trix are for Kids!

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  7. James

    The baby parts trafficking was conclusively provem. So much so that the California attorney general and a corrupt judge committed judicial pervication.

    And the hundreds of bodies found in dead abortionists was again corroborated.

    So cite me evidence of my bad faith. Show me the specific facts of my lies and dishonesty.


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