Creator Roundtable with Shell “Presto” DiBaggio

Ever wonder about the difference between good and bad writing advice, and how to tell the difference? What about criticism–how to seek it out and from whom, and more importantly, how to use it?

Hopefully this interview can help shed some light on these questions. I recently sat down with ace artist Shell “Presto” DiBaggio and her husband, author Michael DiBaggio, as well as my friend ArtAnon, to discuss these things. Check it out here:

We discuss:

Hope you like it! I was driving and forgot to hit mute when I wasn’t speaking, so forgive the background noise.

If the names ArtAnon and Shell Presto sound familiar, it’s because they’ve been doing the awesome The Last Ancestor character art for me: ArtAnon draws and Shell colors. And they’ve been killing it. Check out the book here!


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