God’s Favorite Vegetable?

Got two sick kids, and my wife and I know were next, so we’re not making church today, but given that it’s Sunday I thought I’d pass along an interesting video my friend Lolo shared with me: a psychonaut (i.e., one who uses hallucinogenics and psychedelics to discover the mysteries of the universe) who tripped himself into becoming a Christian.

If it sounds wild, that’s because it is. But this Macedonian individual named Bobby makes some beautiful points, and although I disagree with his assertion that all religions come from God (my response to that: you have to ask which god), I think Bobby’s testimony is well worth a watch.

Also: Don’t do drugs.

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  1. Drugs appear to have been Bobby’s route to god. Paul if Tarsus may have been struck down on the road to Damascus, Bobby was struck down by a mushroom. Psychedelics and mind altering drugs have played great role in spirituality for millenia. So perhaps Bobby is right about the mushroom. I also approve of his ecumenical and open minded approach to religion.

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    • Oh yeah, I’m not doubting Bobby’s experience, nor do I consider it invalid. I agree with you that people have been using psychedelics for spiritual reasons since ancient times, and I’m sure Christians have too. I just, personally, am not going to condone drug use. It’s not my thing. I also worry that other, less-friendly spirits use the experience as an opening.

      Either way, I appreciate the comment!


      • Alexander

        And having your mind altered by drugs can make you susceptible to…nefarious influences.
        Paul I think always stresses to be vigilant so to me it means don’t mess up your brain or body.


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  2. Is it possible to have an experience like this, and NOT experience a god? How do we validate this guy’s experience compared to others who hallucinate and see other gods, as Alexander mentioned. Or, like my sweet sweet friend who dropped acid as a teenager, had a wild trip that convinced her lions lived in her closet, then woke up the next morning thinking she was back to normal until her sunny side up eggs grew faces (epilogue: she is a wonderful person who made much better life choices after this, LOL).

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    • You’re asking the wrong guy! I’ve never even smoked weed, let alone dabbled in hallucinogenics. I take what people say they saw as fact, the same way I have to take people’s descriptions of their dreams as fact, because there is literally no way to verify this at all.

      But going from “spiritual but not religious” to ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN lends some credence, in my eyes, to this gentleman’s story mainly because if you’re going to join a Christian Church, Orthodoxy is a pretty “heavy” one. And I’m speaking as an Orthodox Christian. One’s mileage, of course, may vary.

      On the whole, I advise against the use of mind-altering substance.


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