Rush Survey is Live!

The survey for my Rush book is complete! I used Google Forms since it’s pretty easy to use and doesn’t require a lot from you, the fine people gracious enough to fill it out.

Feel free to answer ad many of these questions as you feel comfortable. I’m only going to use the results of these surveys for the book and for nothing else. I will not be printing the results elsewhere or sharing the information. I will be plugging the quantitative data into a spreadsheet, and will weave the qualitative/narrative aspects into the book. You’ll see that the last question is a disclaimer and release–this is not a legal trap! This is just done in the interests of full disclosure. I just want to make sure I only share what you want me to, and that you understand this is all purely voluntary and doesn’t involve money.

These questions aren’t designed to pry, and aren’t for any reasons other than to get at a profile of Rush fans, particularly the popular assumptions about us.

Again, this book is going to be a fun labor of love. If that doesn’t sound up your alley, feel free to ignore. Otherwise, let’s go!

And thank you in advance! I am excited to see your responses and finish this book. On with the survey!