Victory Conditions for the Culture War

Commenter Owen once again sparks some food for thought in a comment to my post “Covert vs. Overt Symbolism.” 

The question of the day is: What is the victory condition for the culture war? First, here’s Owen:

And another thing – this whole discussion is based around “winning the culture war.” And I put myself forward as knowing how to do it, what with my 1-3 Inklings and all that. But what exactly is the victory condition of the culture war? What is the strategic goal of this military campaign?

-The majority of the population attending church.

-The majority of the population praying at night and in the morning.

-The majority of the population coming to know Christ.

The problem with all these strategic goals is that they depend on hundreds of millions of people suddenly acting out of their own free will to do what’s right.

Or the population is supposed to convert to Christianity in the midst of a completely nihilistic life-experience.

Or Christians are supposed to take over the Establishment and all its propaganda organs and start re-programming the population with Christianity. This sounds nightmarish – zombie Christianity instead of zombie Leftism. I guess that’d be an improvement, though. But the Machine is evil; no sincere Christian will be permitted to use it.

In the most realistic scenario, winning the culture war requires hundreds of millions of people to have a spiritual awakening.

But that sort of thing is within the province of Heaven – and maybe that’s what this big coronavirus thing might do.

Here is my response

Now, what’s the victory condition in a culture war? Great question. Right now, I and a lot of my colleagues are focused on creating an alternative space away from what Brian Niemeier calls the Death Cult. And not just an alternative, but a competitive one. After that, I confess I haven’t thought about “winning” because I don’t see any victory until the Lord comes again in glory. But that’s an assumption I’m making based upon my religion.

I honestly think there IS no victory condition, and that this IS an endless war in need of a perpetual revolution. We’ll win some battles, lose others, and go from moments of triumph to tragedy and vice versa, but it will never end until the end. And I’m okay with that.

But damn: Christians have been NOT fighting for so long. What is needed, and would be considered a major victory at this point, is some backbone.

I stand by this assertion. The war we are in and the battle that we face isn’t really against converged corporations and people who push harmful messages and practices that damage society at large in the physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, and economic senses. It is against the power behind all of this. Whether anybody acting in ways that push destructive practices does so knowingly or not is partly relevant–we all do things we think are good but are ultimately twisted to serve evil ends. That’s the power of the true enemy.

And this true enemy is never going to be defeated by us. It is never going to be defeated in our lifetimes. This fight will never end until the end. What we have to do is to keep running the race and fighting the good fight, hold on until the end, beat back the darkness as best we can, and make sure successive generations are equipped to do the same.

So the cultural aspect of this does matter in that we transmit lessons through our stories. The victory condition is the apocalypse. If this sounds depressing, that was not my intent. This should be bracing. We are immersed in conflict. Such is the nature of the world we live in. If it seems like we–being Christians or traditionalists or whatever you want to call us that oppose those with an opposite world view–are “losing the culture war” and have been for so long, it’s because we haven’t bothered to really fight for so long. That has changed, and that is good. Now we need to be armed with the mentality that the fight will never be fully won.

Truly, we are in a battle against a hidden enemy. And we will win as long as we fight and as long as we hold on and as long as we don’t give up.

So there’s your victory condition: hope. 

Read about brave people and their alien friends fighting against impossible odds in my sword-and-planet epic The Last Ancestor.


  1. I think it’s good to give people hope. Show them there’s something good out there, not just a nihilistic hatred for God and mankind. If you can influence that attitude in a generation, you can influence the opposite, too.

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  2. Alex said: “I stand by this assertion. The war we are in and the battle that we face isn’t really against converged corporations and people who push harmful messages and practices that damage society at large in the physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, and economic senses. It is against the power behind all of this.”

    —From one Orthodox Christian to another…and one who has makes the prodigal son look good, well…I think you’re onto it my good sir.

    —I’ve felt more of a call to my old faith and traditions in a long time. Sure, this sort of thing, potential Apocalypse was way back in my mind.

    —A few days ago I came across an old cross on a simple gold chain and felt the urge to put it on. I’ll stop there because this already feels too self-aggrandizing at the same time it’s the truth and I’ve been largely calm about this whole thing going on.

    —Interesting post Alexander, thank you for posting.


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    • That’s not self-aggrandizing at all. I always appreciate stories from everybody.

      I’m not going to lie either: corona-mania has made me start praying more vigorously than usual as well. This is pretty scary stuff and I think we’re going to need some divine help to get through this.


  3. I think that you’re right. It’s not about complete, permanent victory. The worst strategy possible would be declaring victory at some arbitrary point and calling it a day.

    Fictional though he may be, there’s a reason that Superman fights “a never-ending battle for truth, justice, and the American way”.

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    • Alexander

      Agreed. There’s no visible victory butvtuere can be minor victories and triumph.
      We need to recover our heritage and transmit. Give people a compelling reason not just to hope but to admire truth,beauty and the good.
      And expose the utter superficiality of the death cult.


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  4. Amen.

    Catholics who know Our Lady of Fatima/Akita et al prophecies have the hope and even certitude of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary following this imminent calamity, in which peace, truth, goodness, and virtue will flourish once more.

    Until then, we’re center stage in this battle, our Helm’s Deep. We win by praying and offering up penances. Smoke comin’ off the rosary beeds. Thus do we lessen the chastisement and hasten the Triumph. Thus do we, the Heel of Our Lady, crush the head of the evil one.

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  5. Alex said: “…but I wouldn’t mind my house smelling like a monastery to be honest….”

    —Nice. I’ve not heard of anyone burning incense at home. Most I know have an icon or cross hanging where they pray in one corner of the room.

    —-As a lawyer I figure you’re either working from home now or soon will be. I hope you are able to get more writing in as well; in addition to perhaps doing more family related things. Board games, card games, etc.

    —-People seem subdued but not filled with mania at the grocery store which is good and thank God they are open!

    —-Regarding the culture war, this is probably going to be a big shifting moment in it and what people look to for entertainment and escape. I guess we’ll see in time.


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    • —Yes, a little icon corner. We don’t have one yet, because we’re not in our own house yet, but when we do I plan on setting one up.

      —Yes, I’m working from home. I’m very happy to still be working, because that means I’m still getting paid! And we’re having a lot of family time which is really nice. No school, no daycare, no work—no problem!

      —I’m glad your grocery stores aren’t insane. Ours aren’t either. We’ve heard from friends in other states though that things are bad and food is unavailable. Praying for them.


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