So You’re Stuck Inside All Day

Crowdfunding can wait. Aggressive marketing can wait. The Second Sojourn will be another self-funded effort. Maybe if I’d been ready to launch the campaign prior to corona-mania, I’d just go through with it. Now, e-panhandling seems gauche and tone-deaf.

In any event, the gorgeous cover by Manuel Guzman is finished. Sign up for my mailing list as I’ll be sending out a preview there in the near future. I’m nearly halfway through edits, and then I’ll send it off to my editor Emily Red. Ace artist extraordinaire ArtAnon will once again create a map for the book (I like maps), and Kevin G. Summers will hopefully have room in his schedule to format.

So what to do in the meantime while we’re all quarantined? Here are some free or low-cost ideas to keep you from going bonkers:

  • Family time. Whether this is board games, movie night, exercise, whatever, the silver lining here is that we get extra time with our loved ones. This is also a good time to check in with family and friends who are far away.
  • Download the FREE PulpRev anthology Corona-Chan: Spreading the Love. Details here!
  • Exercise! My friend Shane Fitzgerald (aka Dungeons & Deadlifts) offers tons of free fitness content on his Twitter page and his mailing list. So check him out and get healthy!
  • Catch up on some hilariously enjoyable bad movies! I recommend Samurai Cop, Miami Connection, The Room, and Masters of the Universe.
  • Get your prayer life in order. If you’re like me and are bad at setting aside time for the actual, physical act of praying, something like this Orthodox prayer rule could be very helpful for establishing a routine.
  • Practice a skill. Use it or lose it. Or learn a new one!
  • Watch old cartoons. There are tons available online for free. Wholesome entertainment!
  • Turn off the fear porn. Seriously. Stay informed and don’t take unnecessary risks, but there’s no point in letting our awful news media get you depressed or anxious. We’ll get through this.

Remember: We’ll be fine. Stay healthy, stay clean, stay safe, and stay strong.

My books are available on Amazon if you’re still in the market for reading material in the near future. As always, thank you for your continued support!


  1. Alexander

    The colouring books have many famous landmarks and statues that aren’t religious in nature as well as religious images
    You have young kids and the kuvvvve to colour (so do mom and dad 🙂 )

    Maybe that’s something parents can google free colouring books and choose what’s appropriate.
    Check out and see if the Orthodox monasteries also offer. If not you can as the father abbots.


    Liked by 1 person

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