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Tired of big tech platforms unilaterally deciding who to ban for wrongthink? Upset that Amazon algorithms don’t really bring you to books you’d actually like? Have you ever wished for a marketplace solely devoted to independent creators, not dominated by legacy IPs last their prime and overrated and overhyped Big 5 authors?

So was talented artist Paula Richey, creator of SoulBound, so she decided to do something about it. Enter

Indigen is, in Paula’s words, a virtual convention. Actually, let me just share Paula’s words:

IndieGen.XYZ is a virtual indie entertainment/pop culture con that makes it easy to find reliable, professional independent creators of books, comics, games, and videos with high production values. These small businesses and indie creators have had a perennial problem – invisibility.

I hope that by creating this site, I can help small businesses and our creative community be more visible and resilient as well as connect you with the very best in fresh new stories. Let’s make this happen! #IndieGenXYZ

Just go to the Browse Booths page and try out the search functions – more booths will be added every Friday for the foreseeable future.

This is a really good idea, and more importantly, unlike so many complainers, Paula actually did build her own platform. I have a booth on Indiegen, and so do many other excellent creators. Browse the booths, and if you’re a creator, make a booth of your own. It’s free of charge, but you really ought to back Paula’s IndieGoGo campaign for Indiegen’s back-end costs. I did.

This is the kind of never-say-die attitude all of us independent artists need to support.

Help support my work as I strive to create books that provide an alternative to the norm. The Last Ancestor is 98 percent better than anything new from Tor. Buy it here!


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