Get A Good Job With Good Pay And You’re Okay

The primarily threat and lever of power our enemies hold over us normal people is financial. They have successfully created an environment where dissent is punished by not only getting the dissenter fired, but unemployable anywhere else.

This happens because most authorities in charge of companies hit, big and medium are one of the three:

    Fellow travelers;
    Cynics hoping that being woke will make them more money; or
    Afraid, and are hoping the alligator eats them last

Let’s define who I mean by “enemies” here. And I’m not going to be so facile as to merely say “leftists” or “progressives,” as there are subsets of subsets when it comes to any political ideology.

The main enemy is Satan, and when I speak of “enemies,” I mean those that do the devil’s bidding. In other words, whose who do evil.

Yes, some of these evildoers are progressives and leftists. But some of them are conservatives. Some of them are libertarians. Some profess no political ideology. Some evildoers profess no religion, and some profess to be very pious in this church or that synagogue or that mosque over there.

You know them by their fruits. And if their fruits are destruction and division and hurting other people for bad re-edits and in bad faith and while being shockingly mean and bitchy and petty about it–you’re evil.

I mean, just look at the news or check social media or look out your window. You know what I’m talking about.

So this howling mob of demon-possessed puppets loves to punish dissenters for wrongthink by making them lose their source of income. They’ve found the pressure point for some 99 percent of Americans.

And you know what? They’re good at shutting off the money valve of those who dare step out of line because they have amenable authorities who are in on the scam with them.

In fact, these agitators are so lame they don’t even realize that they’re being used as shock-troops by the same Man they pretend to be railing against.

This is a problem because so few in America create their own income. There aren’t a lot of us who are entrepreneurial enough to weather such a storm. We’re three or four generations now into being raised to be a salaryman and nothing else.

When you’re entirely dependent on somebody else for your income, what would you do if you lost said source of income? Especially if you have a family?

So you do the calculus, run a cost/benefit analysis, and wisely determine they it’s just not worth it to speak out or dissent. So you keep your mouth shut.

This is an intolerable state of being. We need some immediate action and some long-term action.

  • If you have too much to lose, don’t risk it. It’s not worth it. For the time being, keep your head down and deal with your business.
  • Try some kind of side-hustle. It doesn’t have to be massive, but try to find some other way to make money besides your day job. Easier said than done, I know, but a little is more than nothing.
  • If you’re an employer yourself, reach out to the canceled and offer them a job. We are our own cavalry. And we need to take a page out of the enemy’s playbook and stick together. Stop trying to go it alone or avoid controversy. It’ll come anyway.
  • Support others. It’s axiomatic that’s you need to support alternatives if you want to have alternatives. And this support will redound back to you. In other words, NETWORK. But be smart about it.
  • Raise your children to be entrepreneurs. Imagine owning your own business. You’d be beholden to nobody except your customers! Now imagine your children having this freedom. Money gives you the freedom to speak your mind. This college-to-wage-slavery pipeline needs to be broken.
  • Don’t throw those doing the fighting under the bus. This is such a common thing on the right and it needs to stop immediately. Don’t like someone’s tone? So what? Don’t be a bow tie-fiddling dork; just shut up and learn to deal with mean words.
  • Cancel the hell out of the other side. Spare me the bleating about “not stooping to their level” and “Defending to the death their right to say it.” They offer is no quarter. We should not offer them any either. Rub their mistakes and hypocrisies in their faces often and hard. Forcefully apply their own rules against them. Make it personal. Sorry, but Alinsky was right. He didn’t create the rules. He just wrote them down.

Someday soon, your financial security will come down to whether or not you posted the right hashtag or mouthed the proper platitudes. Our awful burgeoning secular cult is trying to police our hearts. It’s a moral crusade undertaken by, quite literally, the worst people in America. We need to stand strong and be ready to weather the blows and come back stronger.

Supporting independent art helps independent artists thrive in the face of outrage mobs.


  1. Alexander

    A thoughtful post. I’m concerned about the growing number of barriers to entry that far worse than the medieval period.

    I like the side hustle idea. Some thought about them. Fixing things is perhaps the one comes to mind. It could be fixing toys
    Another is making things like clothes or backpacks.

    It’s always helpful to think if something you’re dissatisfied with or complain about and thrte’s an opportunity


    Liked by 2 people

      • Alexander,

        Here’s a really simple example: revarnishing a piece of furniture.

        Tools: an electric sander with replacement sandpaper and different grits
        snadpaper different gritps (to do it by hand)
        rubber gloves
        face protection
        varnishes (there are different colours/shades)

        Total costs. Maybe 200$ (most of it is the electric sander’s price)

        It doesn’t take super sophisticated skills just sanding away the old varnish, then smooting the wood; finally apply the new varnish)

        More sophsticated skill is fixing lamps and simple electrical stuff. Most of the time it’s re-soldering a loose connection


        Liked by 2 people

  2. “your financial security will come down to whether or not you posted the right hashtag or mouthed the proper platitudes”

    It’s interesting to note with the recent situation that people who prefer to stay apolitical, are getting called out.

    Once was a day you could say “yeah this worth the energy getting worked up about” now that choice to keep quiet is used against you “how dare you not use your position to speak up…”

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes and it’s a most unwelcome development. “Silence is violence!” is a way to make everybody identify themselves so they bend the knee…or else.

      It’s especially insidious because the demons pushing this have the giant corporations on their side. They hold everyone’s financial well-being hostage to ONE specific ideological position.

      Liked by 1 person

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