It’s So Hard, or Your Competition Has Never Been Weaker

There’s been talk on social media by Big Prominent Authors who’ve been paid a lot of money to write stuff about how hard it is to stay prolific in these totally unprecedented and difficult times.

First it was the 2016 election. And then it was Russia stuff. Lately it’s been coronavirus and America’s racial crisis.

These writers–whose only job is to write–can’t seem to squeeze in a page or two amidst the chaos. It’s emotionally taxing do perform their job, you see. It’s so hard because evil bad people who may or may not be orange keep them from focusing.

What a bunch of weenies.

If you’re an independent writer, these are the crybabies you have to be better than. And you do have to be better–we do. And we are. Because we take what goes on around us and use it as fuel. Storytellers feed off of stuff like this, filter it, and try to make sense in our art.

Or, you could do what I suspect most of these writers do, and scroll social media obsessively, being lame and obnoxious in search of the steady dopamine slow-drip known as likes.

Let me tell you, I see indie authors cranking out books at a pace to make Robert E. Howard and Walter B. Gibson. Whether fantasy or sci-fi, these entrepreneurial artists are inspiring on how they built their own fan bases outside of the big publishing system through hard work and a refusal to quit.

Contrast with those who can’t finish their series even after signing contracts for a lot of money to do so.

Another theory: Lots of these big name authors aren’t that good. I mean, they can write in a technical sense, but they’re not that creative. I suspect many labored for 20 years on one story, finally got it out . . . and then found that the inspiration well had run dry. So they either do the same thing over and over, or they just languish in the world Internet “aspiring writers” do, where they just write about writing instead of writing.

To whomever reads this post: Never think you can’t be a writer!

Your competition are emotionally stunted adult children who can’t help but write about themselves, even in their fiction. They graft contemporary social and political issues on to their warmed-over, third-hand derivative premises and get high on the scent of their own mental flatulence.

Honestly, if you want a dose of inspiration, buy something from one of the Big Name pop sci-fi or fantasy authors and try to get through it. And then tell me you couldn’t do a better job.

Because you can. And the time has never been better to try.

Support independent authors to make this their day job.


  1. They’ve had this issue for years–I seem to remember George R.R. Martin saying that one of the SoIaF books would be delayed back in [i]2004[/i] because he couldn’t cope with the re-election of George W. Bush.

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  2. Alexander

    Yeah I can gloat at Chuck, while you’re suffering writer block, I’mm writing a novel in CATALAN. Sure my word count sucks but only because I need to find the Catalan equivalent of English word or come up with reasonable slang from English.

    So Chuck your excuses suck. So stop wimpingvout and do your job.

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    • Right on man!

      If you’re blaming politicians for your lack of ability to write, you’ve got serious problems, plain and simple.

      Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn didn’t let THE GULAG keep him from writing.


      • Alexander,

        Yup. Something those writers should be ashamed of.Seriously, if some passing politician or contingent event stops you from creating art, then you’re not an artists but someone else. Maybe you just suffer from sloth or worse acedia. Well dudes no one owes you a living and I’m obligated to ignore you because you’re not pulling your weight,
        And yeah they are imposters and need to be told to their faces. It’s brutal but sometimes it’s a real act of love. I’m sure Chuck would really be more content as a tradesman making furniture or brick laying.


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  3. Nothing more irritating than an author complaining how hard writing is, especially when they are in the middle of a series *cough* George RR Martin.

    It’s like you say they need to get off the Internet, stop attending fan conventions talking about past glories and get on with it.

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  4. “or they just languish in the world Internet “aspiring writers” do, where they just write about writing instead of writing.”

    This is the terminal phase of a civilization disappearing up its own ass. Maybe we need a podcast where these cats discuss writing about writing.

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