Always Has Been

I am not deep into all the Q stuff, but if it was as dangerous as advertised, people would be dead. If it was just a wacky kooky conspiracy theory with no basis in reality, there wouldn’t be such a push to shut it down.

I can think of plenty other conspiracy theories that have far less evidence but have been pushed relentlessly by our garbage media (Russian collision, for example) with real-world consequences.

And no, don’t try to equate that weirdo who fired a gun inside or Comet Pizza–hurting nobody–to the violent left-wing and black supremacist mobs actually terrorizing dozens of major American cities.

So this tells us that the elites are afraid of the stupid silly totally not true Q thing. They’re obviously not afraid of Antifa or BLM because if those movements actually threatened their hegemony, they’d have been brutally put down yesterday.

But tell me again how “the alt-right” (whatever that means) or “white supremacists” (the three that aren’t federal agents) are the biggest threats to “our democracy” (whatever that is).

All I know is that so-called conspiracies tend to explain things better the official story. I wouldn’t be surprised if dinosaurs never existed, we never went to the moon, evolution is a lie, and the Earth is flat. And honesty, I don’t care about any of these things one way or the other. I’m not invested in them. Whether or not dinosaurs existed doesn’t affect me. I just resent being lied to.

So yeah, seeing as how our elites behave and how they are now pushing to sexualize children, it would not surprise me at all if the world is run by a cabal of rich, vampiric pedophile Satanists. And Epstein didn’t kill himself.

Anyway, the Russian collusion thing wouldn’t have surprised me if true, but that one has been demonstrably proven false.

America is one messed up place, but the writer in me is fascinated by its downfall because all of this is great imagination fuel. The truth is truly stranger than fiction. Always has been.

The positive reviews keep coming in for The Last Ancestor.


  1. My experience with how media I read/see/hear focuses very little attention on conspiracy theories, including the QAnon stuff. My main exposure to that has been through family members who actually believe it (did you know that everyone wearing red-soled shoes is a pedophile? Well, it was true until my uncle Tom revealed that he has red soled shoes…..and he is also a believer of QAnon. Oops).

    The major problem I have with denial of demonstrable facts is just that: there is overwhelming evidence of dinosaurs, evolution, etc. The beautiful thing about science is you can go out and actually TEST that.

    When there is no evidence, but people still claim something is fact (e.g. Hillary Clinton eats babies) because it fits their personal belief system, that’s when I’m facepalming. To be fair, I can’t STAND the Clintons, ugh. But baby eaters? Show me.

    The thing I see in QAnon believers using as rebuttal against the question: HOW do you know this?

    1) a very specific source, claiming all other media is corrupt, but not being able to tell me how they determined that their sources are reliable while mainstream media like PBS, BBC, and even the nauseating Fox and CNN networks are not.

    2) the argument almost always stonewalls with the QAnon people saying some version of “Well prove to me that these theories AREN’T true”.

    The burden of truth is on the conspiracy theorists….whoever makes the knowledge claim carries that torch.

    Since I do not know if god exists, and therefore do not know if a satan or devil or whatever exists, I have a very hard time seeing the evidence for the kabal, namely because a lot of it is like, “Joe Biden’s name is numerically symbolic of satan and 666, if you just look at the letters the right way”. My reaction is, yeah, you can do that with my name too. And Jesus’ name. And my dog’s name.

    It seems to me that people who tend to follow the kabal concept are absolutely convinced that demons exist and are ruining us…..and then backfill the information to fit their world view.

    I’d be more persuaded by an argument like, “Every time Hillary Clinton enters a room, everybody’s child falls serious ill” with the evidence supporting the claim…or even “Evil forces exist in the world because some children get cancer, or get murdered, or raped, or starve to death, or beaten, or neglected”.

    You’re a rational person, so I’m eager to hear your response even if we completely disagree

    Except I think we both hate the Clintons 😂😂


    • “You’re a rational person, so I’m eager to hear your response even if we completely disagree”

      Flattery will get you everywhere around here.

      I’m of a mind that SOME gigantic prehistoric animals existed. There’s weirdness how some skeletons they put together and told us existed actually didn’t. And I’m not convinced that a giant, earth-shattering (literally) cataclysm occurred and ONLY killed the dinosaurs. That’s just preposterous. Something happened, but I’m not sold it’s any of the hypothesis we’re expected to swallow as fact.

      That’s how I feel about evolution. Yes, organisms evolve, but the amount of time it would take for, say, the human eye to develop either means the world/universe/existence is FAR older than we think, or something else happened for human beings to develop. I concede I’m not an expert on evolution, and I’m not particularly interested in it. I just can’t accept a lot of these hypothesis as fact. They’re our best guesses. Same with the Big Bang, which is at least far less absurd than stuff like string theory.

      Anyway, conspiracies: I don’t trust our media. I don’t trust random people on 4chan or whatever. But who do I trust less? Honestly, the media. And that’s BEFORE Trump became president. All I know is that the people in charge are seriously evil.

      I believe in demons, by the way. I do not rule out demonic possession and/or demon-worship as an excuse for anything Democrats OR Republicans do. Washington, D.C. is a disgusting place full of disgusting people.

      A lot of the Q stuff I’ve seen is a bit too facile, too neat, and HASN’T BEEN CORROBORATED to the extent true believers think it has. But it’s harmless, honestly. At least as harmless as believing in non-existent Russian collusion or whatever. It’s all so stupid, and the American establishment has emerged, against stiff odds, as the biggest liars in history. And that’s the entire government/media/military/industrial complex, not just one political party or the other.

      I don’t trust anybody. Which is why I am not willing to write off any of these conspiracy theories—except the Russian collusion one which has fizzled out pretty hard, and the insane Sandy Hook one, and probably others I forgot.

      But 9/11 is REALLY fishy. I do despise the Clintons. I also despise the Bushes. Crooked, crooked people.


      • “Same with the Big Bang, which is at least far less absurd than stuff like string theory.”

        Well, the book of Genesis does describe God creating the Earth first, and the rest of the Universe (Sun, Moon, stars, etc) afterward, so maybe he did it sort of like rolling out a carpet in all directions at once in a way that sort of registers as a “Big Bang” in the evidence left of it today.

        DC Comics did something like that years ago in a Green Lantern comic book, portraying the Big Bang as emanating from the hand of God. The Green Lantern animated series from 2011 did it as well (and also threw in a character reciting 1 Corinthians 13:1 when asked what the meaning of love was).

        Ray Bradbury was once asked if space travel will destroy humanity’s belief in God. He replied “We’re moving more toward God. We’re moving toward more proofs of his creation in other worlds he’s created in other parts of the universe. Space travel will increase our belief in God.”

        I think that he might have been on to something. Especially when I see things like this:

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      • Very, very good points. The biblical account makes more sense to me than “All the matter in the universe was compressed into an object the size of a teaspoon JUST BECAUSE and if you ask ‘Why?’ or ‘How did it get there?’ shut up because you just hate science.”

        And that Bradbury quote is perfect. I didn’t realize he wasn’t an atheist.

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      • “And that Bradbury quote is perfect. I didn’t realize he wasn’t an atheist.”

        He didn’t hold to any precise religious denomination, but he had a very spiritual view of the world. He called himself a “delicatessen religionist” because he held a mixture of Eastern and Western beliefs. Many of his stories had Christian themes.

        Here’s an article about his religious views:

        He wrote a great short story called “The Man” that featured a team of astronauts landing on a planet and thinking that the aliens living there would be excited to meet them. But instead, they were met with indifference. The reason is that the planet has just previously received a different visitor who stole the astronauts’ thunder. The aliens talked about how a man had come to them, performing miracles and teaching wisdom. Although they didn’t name The Man, it was pretty obvious who He was. The leader of the astronauts (being a devout skeptic) refused to believe the obvious. After the astronauts left, the aliens joyously went back to their town, revealing that The Man was waiting for them there, having hidden from the astronauts. It was also implied that The Man would arrive on every inhabited planet that the astronauts visited right before they got there, but would always hide from the astronauts because of their lack of belief.

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      • It seems like you have a very discerning method on accepting certain concepts, like how reliable mainstream media is, as fact. One thing I struggle with is understanding how you determined that the Chan-esque (and others) media is closer to the truth.

        Additionally, how do you decide that “hypotheses” like evolution are incorrect or misleading, but hold true that demons exist?


      • You seem nice enough, but throughout this whole comment thread I’ve gotten the sense that you’re not making inquiries to me I’m good faith but are trying to bait me into saying something “crazy” you can mock me about. Which is your prerogative.

        I don’t understand why what I personally think bothers you so much. Skeptics get just as bent out of shape as someone like me not accepting their presumptions as fact as they think the religious get towards unbelievers. But leaving religion aside, yeah, I don’t trust that what I see in the media happened as they say it, whether that’s MSNBC or Fox or the New York Times or the New York Post or whatever. What happened PROBABLY happened, but PROBABLY NOT the way they said it did.

        Do you trust the media? Do you trust the government too? Is the official story enough for you? If it is, that’s fine. That doesn’t affect my life. You have your heuristic the way everybody else has theirs. All I can say is that I’ve been lied to enough by the media that I even take the weather reports with a grain of salt.

        Why can I distrust the chans less than the media (because that’s what I said)? I also said “I don’t trust random people on 4chan or whatever” in an earlier comment. That is because, as far as I know, they’re not owned by gigantic corporate interests. Or maybe they are. If so, that changes things. Jim Watkins—the owner—seems like a weird enough guy to be way the hell outside of the mainstream, and as far as I know he doesn’t influence what is said on the boards. I know he has his own political viewpoints. All I said is that, between the media and the chans, I trust the media less. I never said I swallow what’s on the chans as gospel.

        And I never said that evolution was “incorrect” or “misleading.” I said that “I just can’t accept a lot of these hypotheses as fact.” I never said “Evolution is a lie!” Evolution actually exists. My layman’s take—which I also in my earlier comments admitted is not based on expert opinion or deep study because I REALLY DON’T CARE about evolution—is that what gets passed off as iron-clad irrefutable proof of “It happened THIS way” isn’t. That’s my opinion. So why do I think you are approaching me in bad faith? Because you misrepresented what I said when what I said was a few comments above you.

        And so what if I think demons exist? Does that bother you? Does that affect your day-to-day life? When I see how a mob acts, it seems like what I understand demonic influence to be. Maybe you call it a psychological phenomenon. Maybe they are both different ways of trying to explain the same thing. I don’t know. Do you know? You seem fine telling me that I don’t know what I think to be certain, but you seem to have your own certainties yourself. Are yours more valid than mine? Why? Because YOU hold them? You have your own discerning methods on accepting certain concepts as fact. Those don’t bother me as much as my own seem to bother you.


    • My motive in engaging you in this kind of conversation is to honestly better understand your position. If it isn’t clear already, then let me do so now: I do not agree with most of your opinions as presented on your blog or in you comments. You and I both have very different world views. Do I think you are going to change your opinion based on my thoughts or questions? No; I think it’d be really pretentious of me to expect that. That’s not me saying that you won’t ever change your mind when presented with information that is to YOUR satisfaction. But my intention isn’t to make a couple of comments on your blog and think “WELL I SURE SHOWED HIM DIDN’T I?” And no, I do NOT want to trick you.

      Do I believe that my mind will be changed by all of what you say? It could be. As I’ve stated before, I don’t want only hear perspectives from people who share all or most of my viewpoints. When I see someone who presents concepts rationally and calmly, someone who makes me think/challenge my own world view, I wanna talk. I want to understand more than ANYTHING, HOW they know what they claim they know.

      How do *I* know what I claim I know? Maybe I’ve been too cryptic about that, which makes it seem like I’m baiting you into a corner where I’m suddenly going to say, “Aha! So you admit I am right!”

      Here’s my thought process, and you are welcome to show me the weaknesses (because that’s the whole point of these conversations):

      First, I believe in absolute truth. I’m not about the, “Well it’s true for ME”.

      Second, I believe in parsimony of data/Occam’s razor when it comes to data, quantitative or qualitative. What does it support? What does it discount? What doesn’t it address at all?

      Third, what would change my mind? What would it take to drop my confidence in from 90% to 80%? 50%?

      I can’t always answer those questions. I won’t ever know the ground truth to everything, including (but not limited to, obviously): the existence of a god(s), demons, the best way to govern the US, how the universe came into existence.

      I don’t trust the mainstream media simply because the mainstream media SAYS I should. I don’t believe that they report every single event exactly as it happened, or quote people verbatim. It’s clear when you are an expert in something (as you’ve stated in a previous blog post) and you read an article and go, “Whoa WHAT the hell are they talking about?”

      I do not trust 4chan or Breitbart or Mother Jones not because they NEVER get it right, but because they almost always lack journalistic integrity. Their ability to accurately represent the facts of an event without sloshing on tons of editorial commentary is very, very poor in my opinion. Additionally, they refuse to address credible (again, my word meaning demonstrable fact/evidence/data) counter-arguments. I see your point on if something is owned by a big organization. And it sounds like you’re saying that if you found out that if one of the chan networks is owned by a giant corporation, it might make you less trustworthy of their motives. That makes me want to re-examine and nail down why I trust BBC more than 4chan. Or other news sources you have.

      I don’t care if you believe in demons…..unless you believe in them in a way that makes you go out and vote a certain way because of it. Or if you use it to rationalize how you treat another person. I’m not saying you do that, I’m just saying why I ask. If there are demons out there, and they are causing serious harm to others and I am just twiddling my thumbs tossing aside evidence that clearly points to the truth, I’d like to know about it. So I ask: how do you know? If it’s not a big deal, if you don’t think that the U.S. should be aware of what you believe is influencing our lives, then we don’t have to discuss it.


  2. I wouldn’t be surprised to be ruled by a cabal of vampires, but I’d be a little sad that villains in fiction look always cooler. One thing is Dracula, another a decrepit demented playing with the stock market.
    I don’t know if it’s legit, but it’s a thing that annoys me.

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  3. Ha! I’m a total conspiritress with an journalistic drive, so I have been all over the red pills, Antifa, BLM, the Proud Boys, and of course Qanon. Also, some flat earthers. I really have enjoyed my time with the earthers because they taught me about how important it is just to have the freedom to question the dominant narrative.

    So I’ve poured over thousands of Qanon tweets, threads, videos. They are a loosely formed, organic group of patriots who love America and President Trump. There are a lot of former cops, military guys, and retired people, and many of them are Christians. Some are deep into every possible deep state conspiracy and some are more sensible and balanced. One thing that really dominates Q is their love for the US Constitution and their respect for lawfulness. You will find them praying for one another in times of sickness, organizing on line fundraisers for the jobless, and basically encouraging one another. The media (and also some of the evangelical world) are way off base trying to present these people as dangerous or cultian. Laughing here, because Qanons are totally my people! Now of course every crowd has a few nutters and there are some Qanon imposters running about, but over all they’re kind of salt of the earth, good people who love their country and our president.

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    • I agree that Q people seem really, really cool. And they’re not beating up or murdering people, or setting anyone on fire like that vague and ephemeral idea known as “Antifa” which is somehow burning churches in Chile now which is weird because (a) they’re just an idea, and (b) they totally don’t hate Christians you guys, you’re all just paranoid.

      This is all one reason I’m not willing to totally disregard Q: the powers that be are trying to put a kid on Q, yet they run cover for ACTUAL TERRORISTS like Antifa and BLM. I know kooky when I see it and I know evil when I see it.

      As far as flat-earthers go, they’re a trip. Some interesting stuff, and the world is far, far weirder than we can ever know. I’m 99.99% sure the world is round, but I’m leaving that .01% uncertainty there because, to be fair, I have never seen it for myself.

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  4. The most outlandish part of Q lore is not that the government is run by pedophile satanists, but that a group of “white hats” is somehow working to stop them.

    I’d wager TPTB hate the Q phenomenon not due to specifics per se, but because it’s mainstreamed chans-style research to an extent that I’d find impossible even 3-4 years ago. And yes, that means some people fall into the rabbit hole of Illuminati bloodlines and Atlantis and the phantom time hypothesis — but more practically it means people start noticing the very real swamp connections without obfuscation and cover from the media.

    My favorite “discovery” is the sheer number of dork state goons whose wives have different last names. You see it over and over again. Can’t decide if this is some deliberate “tradecraft” to obfuscate the swamp, or because these people are such hopeless losers so of course they’d do that.

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    • “My favorite “discovery” is the sheer number of dork state goons whose wives have different last names.”

      What? What in the world is that about?

      I’m with you that a group of “white hats” in government is the most preposterous idea about the whole Q thing. There are no white hats. Sorry. But I agree that the chan-style weaponized autism of the researchers is awesome.

      Our elites are evil AND stupid. I guess the craziest thing is that they’ve gotten away with it all for so long. That doesn’t reflect very well upon the rest of us.


      • A few examples come to mind. Rod Rosenstein’s wife is Lisa Barsoomian, another former fed lawyer. Mitch McConnell is married to Elaine Chao, current Secretary of Transportation. I mean it’s fairly innocuous as far as these things go, but it makes me laugh, like when a dog sticks his head under the bed thinking you can’t see his ass, ya know?

        “Washington, D.C. is a disgusting place full of disgusting people.”

        Been there on business twice, and I’ve felt spiritually “disgusted” each time. Several people from different religious backgrounds have reported similar feelings to me over the years, which is yet another reason why I believe demons and demonic possession are absolutely real.

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  5. “But tell me again how “the alt-right” (whatever that means) or “white supremacists” (the three that aren’t federal agents) are the biggest threats to “our democracy” (whatever that is).”

    John C. Wright wrote an interesting definition of the Alt-Right here:

    “I am not deep into all the Q stuff, but if it was as dangerous as advertised, people would be dead. If it was just a wacky kooky conspiracy theory with no basis in reality, there wouldn’t be such a push to shut it down.”

    It’s a community of sorts based around the theory that the anonymous person or persons known as “Q” (who leaks cryptic announcements that include hints and clues) is genuine.

    One America News claimed to have discovered Q’s real identity. Supposedly, it was a joke, and the original troll Q gave up and has been replaced by new ones who wanted to keep it alive.

    Q is supposedly a person close to President Trump, who is involved in a secret group within the U.S. government devoted to fighting the Deep State from within. Think S.H.I.E.L.D. vs. HYDRA, but more clandestine. Supposedly, this group has existed for decades, has revealed itself to Trump (who enthusiastically joined it), and its plans have kicked into high gear with his election. Q’s claims and predictions are often very cryptic (like an astrologer’s predictions) but there are some specific elements. Supposedly, there will be mass arrests of pedophiles and traitors, for instance. Supposedly, Mueller was secretly working with Trump to dig up dirt on the Deep State. And there are many other such claims.

    Personally, I think that it’s probably a hoax, either for trolling purposes or some sort of psyop. I’ve wondered if it could be a disinformation campaign to brainwash people into thinking that ordinary citizens don’t have to do anything to help solve government corruption because the “Q team” is handling it just fine on their own.

    There are true elements to some of the things that Q says, though. Some of what Q has talked about pertains to Jeffrey Epstein, for example.

    As for why the media is so apoplectic about Q, it could be that even if is a hoax, the hoaxers are getting people to think about things that the establishment doesn’t want them to (like pedophiles in high places). Or, if QAnon is a psyop, maybe the media is in on it, and their attacks on it are intended to make it seems more legitimate to people who believe in it.

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    • “As for why the media is so apoplectic about Q, it could be that even if is a hoax, the hoaxers are getting people to think about things that the establishment doesn’t want them to (like pedophiles in high places). Or, if QAnon is a psyop, maybe the media is in on it, and their attacks on it are intended to make it seems more legitimate to people who believe in it.”

      There’s no easy answer, is there? All I know is that there aren’t any institutions that aren’t disgusting and corrupt and aren’t run by disgusting and corrupt liars.

      Want to know my honest opinion? I think this country is getting what it deserves, good and hard. The Sodom and Gomorrah treatment. It’s a rotten place run by rotten people AND WE LET IT HAPPEN. I know that sounds negative or unpatriotic or whatever but I don’t care. My allegiance isn’t to the United States. It’s to God. And this nation is WAY past the point of turning away from God and has been in the “Actively trying to piss him off” stage for decades.


      • “Want to know my honest opinion? I think this country is getting what it deserves, good and hard. The Sodom and Gomorrah treatment.”

        I don’t know. God held off on Sodom and Gomorrah for a while for the sake of the few righteous people living there. He even waited hundreds of years until the Caanaites’ “cup was full” before having them destroyed, and they were into Molech worship.

        The thing is, I actually feel like things have been getting better over the last few years (much like John C. Wright, as he chronicles in his “Tired of Winning” series of blog posts). It might seem worse, but that’s because what was once hidden is now made manifest. TDS has caused the other side to show its hand. Corruption that was covered up for decades is now spilling out into the open for all to see, and it’s almost always the guilty people themselves who are exposing it due to their panic. It’s like how an infected arm might look worse once all the pus starts oozing out, but was actually worse off when the infection was trapped beneath the surface.

        I feel like President Trump might be God’s way of giving America a chance to repent and turn things around, sort of like how He sent Jonah to give Nineveh one last chance. For the first time in a long time, we’re getting a possible shot at the first steps toward ending legalized infanticide during our lifetimes, for example. Sure, Trump has his flaws, but so did Moses, Samson, and King David. “God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise.” Maybe a certain orange-skinned real-estate salesman is one of those foolish things?

        It’s not all rosy, of course. Some people are even more brainwashed and devoted to fighting all that is good than before. But I’ve seen a groundswell of people standing up more boldly for what is right than in decades. Actual pushback, even. I can’t help but feel that things have gotten a bit better (albeit more intense and scary) than they were a few years ago.

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      • I pray things are getting better. I’m not convinced though. There is no “both sides are the same” equivalence in most things we see. The side in power—cultural and bureaucratic and financial power—is EVIL. The election in a few weeks will just be the beginning of our troubles.

        I’m not convinced Trump is anything but a guy from another era who is in love with an America that doesn’t exist anymore. About the only things I think he’s sincere about are (a) loving America and (b) despising those in government and business who got the country to this point. Otherwise, I have no clue what his real core beliefs are, and I don’t think he even sees himself as some sort of emissary for American renewal/revival. I’m really sick of the “No President has ever faced such opposition!” arguments. The time to put up or shut up has long passed.

        All I know, though, despite that, is that I cannot in good conscience vote for Joe Biden. That dude, in addition to being a low IQ political hack barnacle, is as dirty as they come.

        Decency arguments in Biden’s favor make me laugh. “Trump said bad words about women! Biden may be corrupt as fuck, but at least he respects women (when he’s not fondling them or sniffing their hair).” Please.

        Damn it. Maybe I’ll vote for Kanye after all.

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  6. Alexander

    The problem with many conspiracy theories is they exaggerate the vice of secrecy.
    There’s no way conspiracies can last 100s of years. Only because some people are so enamoured with being the secret gang(tm) they blabber about.

    Others become disenchanted and write tell all books. Yes they can be marginalized as crackpots etc.

    In the end, most conspiracies are just the most banal boring crimes imaginable.
    Don’t discount all conspiracies but don’t obsess over them. Real life is more fun and rewarding


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    • I’m not obsessing over conspiracies, but I do think secrecy can be maintained for a long time. There are lots of historical events that don’t really add up, or have been lied about by the authorities that everyone thinks falsehoods are true.

      Here’s an example: ask the average person “Did the church kill Copernicus and Galileo for making scientific discoveries that went against church teachings?” and 99 out of 100 will tell you “Yes absolutely!”


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