The Second Sojourn Out Now!

I’m excited to announce that The Second Sojourn, Book II of The Swordbringer is available now for download!

Terror strikes the heart of Pysh!

The Global Union has tracked the Canaanites across the galaxy, hellbent on finishing the job of extermination. But first they need to recover a secret, one that will explain everything.

A distress signal from the East brings Garrett, Ghryxa, and their friends closer to the answers about what happened on Earth. The lost ship survives! But to find it they must cross the Waran Steppes, and an endless swamp filled with ancient, deadly creatures.

Pursued by assassins, Garrett must make the hard choices and be a hero like his late father. Escaping the High Lord was just the beginning.

More sword-and-planet adventure! More freaky alien creatures! Another spectacular cover by Manuel Guzman! Buy it here!


  1. Alexander

    Congrats!!!!!!. Whohooo!
    So looking forward to reading it.
    Is it also available as an epub or not yet?

    Anyways so psyched!

    And Merry Christmas and Happy new year.


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      • Alexander.

        Epub is the other ebook format that’s not Kindle:)

        Question about cover artists:

        when you commission the art do you send a copy of the book or provide a descriptive summary of what you want?

        It’s a question that’s always intrigued me

        Liked by 1 person

      • Xavier, I’m pretty sure I actually uploaded the ePub file to KDP.

        As for artists, I provide a description and some reference pictures for the color scheme/vibe I’m going for and let them do the rest.


  2. Alexander

    Thanks about the cover art. That makes more sense. I’ll take a look at Miguel’s video you posted on the blog to get a better idea.

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