2021 Goals

Let’s talk about the new year going forward. Here are a few things I’d like to have accomplished by this time in 2022:

  • Have The Swordbringer trilogy completed.
  • Have another of my standalone books published (still debating which one).
  • Have a short story published in an anthology.
  • Write more articles that hopefully get accepted by The American Spectator.

Nothing too lofty here. There are other personal and professional goals I have for the new year, but who needs to hear those?

And in other news, The Second Sojourn is now available in paperback. Buy it here.


  1. Alexander,

    It would need to be translated but first gotta finish it! 🙂

    And I don’t consider myself a good English language writer. The editors would definitely win major indulgence kudos blowtorching with my clumsy English writing even I don’t quite approach Chuck Wendig depths 🙂


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