Enemy Territory

Friend, sci-fi author Travis Corcoran recently made a series of good points about why we should be optimistic about the future. Read it here.

So who is “we”? “We” are people who value truth, honesty, skill, compassion, objective reality, dignity, equal application of the law, justice, and mercy.

In other words, the enemies of those in charge.

Travis states what I’ve been feeling for a long time but couldn’t quite articulate: I AM the enemy of the powers that be.

The woke-tards are right when they say there is no place for people like me in New America v3.0.

Great! New America v3.0 is a rotten place run by rotten people, and I want to have nothing to do with it.

This land is occupied land, physically and spiritually. My “tribe,” as it were, exists all over the country and all over the world. It it’s not a geographic society . . . yet. Maybe it’ll never be. I don’t know. All I know is that this geographic society is a corrupt, mean, and stupid place I am more than happy to be out-of-step with.

I’m living in enemy territory. You probably are, too.

When 2 + 2 = 5 . . . when laws are applied unequally based upon who those in charge find useful to their cause . . . when our school and university systems churn out people who are dumber after having been through them . . . when standards are lowered in every institution so certain people won’t feel bad about themselves . . . when narcissism reigns supreme . . . when we can’t go back to the moon because we’re too stupid . . . when every institution is fundamentally incapable of telling the truth about anything, no matter how small . . . when even our math and science are suspect . . . when our buildings are ugly . . . when we can’t produce any great art . . . where perversion is celebrated . . . where sin is decoupled from guilt and you’re the weird one for being religious . . .

. . . yeah, count me out.

I can’t wait for this festering pustule of a ruling class to topple and something great and new to take its place.

Never before have I been so happy to be the mortal enemy to the worst people alive.

Aspirational sci-fi for a world that wants you to despair.


  1. “Great! New America v3.0 is a rotten place run by rotten people, and I want to have nothing to do with it.”

    Anyone here read “The Archdruid Report” by John Michael Greer? He predicted the USA’s collapse would follow the Toynbee model: external pressure + internal pressure driven by a large “internal proletariat” increasingly disenfranchised with the edicts, stupidity, and alien culture of the ruling minority.

    What’s changed over the past 10 years is the divergence between the beliefs and culture of the two groups. Skin suit is falling off big time, no more pretenses.

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