Dreamers and Misfits Appendix A

Here you will find selected survey responses to my Rush fan survey that I used in writing Dreamers and Misfits–this is the Appendix A as indicated in the book. Note that I’m only sharing the most relevant responses, and only ones that I have been given explicit permission to share. I have also named respondents as they indicated. IF ANY OF YOU WANT CERTAIN THINGS CHANGED OR REMOVED, PLEASE EMAIL ME AT ALEXANDERHELLENEAUTHOR@GMAIL.COM AND LET ME KNOW.

I made this decision, partially based on backer feedback, to ensure that Dreamers and Misfits is of a reasonable length. Otherwise, this Appendix would have added several hundred pages to the length of the book.

I sincerely hope you enjoy these in-depth stories and memories of what Rush means to fans!

Here’s the link to the spreadsheet–enjoy!