Recommended Sites

Below is a list of blogs I like to read regularly and links to the authors’ Twitter pages. This is the same constantly evolving list from my post called Gratitude. I hope you discover some interesting stuff:

  • This Dad Does: Fatherhood has made something of a resurgence recently, and thank God for that. Thanks to people like Neil White, there’s a ton of good information out there for dads and dads-to-be. This Dad Does covers so much it’s tough to summarize, but here goes: money, fitness, relationships, time-management, man-skills, home repair, motivation, mindset, cooking…and yes, I’ve missed a lot.
  • Rawle NyanziRawle is a gentleman I’ve gotten to know on Twitter, and let me say I’m glad I have. He’s a writer, a gamer, an one of the strongest proponents of free-speech and creative freedom you’ll ever meet. When he writes, he tackles his subjects from a cultural angle (see this post for a great example: anime and demographics). I’ve read some of his fiction, too–hopefully he’ll make it publicly available soon.
  • Danger and PlayMike Cernovich: The madman, the marketer, the mindset guru, the filmmaker, the journalist, the free-speech muckraker. If his politics aren’t your things, fear not: You’ll find plenty of stuff to keep you intrigued. And his book Gorilla Mindset will make you want to get up and do stuff.
  • Kitten Holiday: She’s a bit salty, but she’ll always make you think. Kitten writes a lot about relationships, giving great advice and telling funny stories, but there’s more to get site than that. Lots of good stuff about mindset, resilience, and being your own kick-ass person while never losing sight of friends and family. Guys, we can learn a lot from her.
  • Unlock Your Bravado: Ædonis is another guy I’ve been lucky enough to come across on Twitter. Not only is he an absolute riot (and future Head of Corporate Trolling), he’s one of the most unique voices and a hell of a writer to boot. Unlock Your Bravado is focused on being an individual in a world hellbent on forcing you into a box. Oh, and he’s going to be in an upcoming free speech documentary. How’s that for you?
  • Mind and Fist: Ed Latimore is the most quotable man on the Internet. He is also a true Renaissance Man: An undefeated heavyweight boxer with a physics degree and a passion for chess and philosophy. This is only scratching the surface. With a background this interesting, you know his site’s got to be good. And it is. Also: He has a podcast.
  • Aging White Guy: Dylan Cornelius is a writer who is best known for his retrogaming stuff at Sega Does and Questicle. But he also has a personal blog where he gets introspective about a lot of topics: music, family, culture, God. You know, simple little things like that. He’s an eloquent storyteller and an interesting guy. I always enjoy reading his take on things. Check him out.
  • Lee Lee In Babylon: Lee Lee calls her site “Girly Thoughts on the Red Pill.” All I know is that she is a young mother who is very interested in the culture around her and how to live a good life in it. Incisive thoughts about children, marriage, religion, politics, and how to make sense of it all. More people should read her.
  • Black Label LogicCarl Aristotle is an interesting cat. I haven’t dig as deeply into his blog as much as I’d like, but so far I like what I’ve seen. He fuses philosophy with his take on culture, money, dating, and the broader world around him. Expert at shredding platitudes while being highly entertaining.
  • Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes: Alexander’s blog is another I’m new too, but I’ve been following him on Twitter for sometime. He is a fitness guru but also writes interesting, and often hilarious, stuff about masculinity. He also has a podcast you Should check out. Great no matter what he’s speaking about.
  • Hannibal is at the Gate: So you might have noticed that I’m not black. Why do I like a site that bills itself as the alternative news source for black Americans? Simple: it’s interesting. Ali Shakur has a unique perspective on everything that will make you think. He’s a great writer too. Also: I’m a huge fan of the Hotep movement. Check it out.
  • The Pit in the Playhouse: Jacks Carlton is someone I’ve recently befriended on Twitter, but his blog, The Pit in the Playhouse is very intriguing. He writes about big-picture politics and cultural issues from a right-of-center perspective in a very clear, thought-provoking manner. I look forward to digging more into his writing.
  • The Manifesto of Perfection: James is a fellow from England who has a very practical take on life, career, and fitness. He has achieved much in his life and obviously enjoys sharing his advice with the Internet. Here’s the thing: Like the best writing out there, his stuff always includes practicable advice no matter the topic. In other words, James’ writing is useful.