Short Fiction

A collection of short stories I like to share with the world. My short fiction tends to be a bit darker than my novels, so keep that in mind.

And with that, enjoy!

This Is Not the Future We Were Promised: A Collection of Twisted Tales for our Twisted Digital Age

  • Hot Take City: Your on-line ramblings just might force you to take a side . . . or get you killed.
  • All the Time in the World: A theoretical chemist at as small-time university discovers how to distill time into physical form. What will he do with it? Available exclusively to members of my mailing list–sign up today!
  • Neg Bog: A mysterious phrase that can have dire consequences when posted on social media. Can Jazmine Fernandez figure out the mystery before it figures her out first?

In the Forest of Wast: Only the Paladins of the Highest Good and their flaming swords can defeat the demonic, shapeshifting Nezmin. And Faulon, Captain of the Paladins, has lost his faith. Can his only ally, one of the fabled Warrior Women of Wast, help Faulon regain hope and rally the Paladins to lift the siege at Fort Bizak. Available in the FREE anthology Corona-Chan: Spreading the Love! Download here!

Mean Old Bell: A solitary lighthouse keeper must taken on a band of bloodthirsty pirates.