The Organized Religion Boogeyman

Is it the “organized” part of “organized religion” everyone claims to dislike, or the “religion” part?

This is a question I’ve long pondered. It sticks with me because of the idea that something so complex as salvation and the eternal fate of one’s immortal soul is a wee bit more complex than other things we crave guidance and instruction on.

  • Want to get your house painted? Well, only licensed, approved contractors will do.
  • I’m sending my kid’s to school. Are these teachers degreed?
  • I’d really like a haircut. Did the Department of Professional Licensure say they’re legit?
  • I’m going to interpret ancient Hebrew texts and try to discern the word of the Lord. Meh. I don’t need any help. I’ll just do it myself.

If this doesn’t seem weird to you, then I guess you have full faith and confidence in your ability to comprehend everything and anything.

The rest of us, not so much.

Let’s look at each part of this “organized religion” conundrum. Continue reading “The Organized Religion Boogeyman”

The Center

No one wants to be “extreme.”

It feels icky and will get you disinvited from all the cool kids’ parties. Besides, these days reasonable conversation about important issues seems impossible.

One of the biggest problems is the logical fallacy that supporting X’s right to do something equals support for X and opposition to Y.


This is how unintelligent people see things. Unintelligent people, or dishonest ones.

You can see the left/right polarities in politics, philosophy, economics, and in many, many other field–even the arts.

Reaction against constant politicization is completely rational. Jamming politics down everyone’s throats is tiring and it prevents any meaningful solutions from being formed.

Someone has to be right, right? Someone has proposals that’ll work better than others, don’t they?

Enter the centrists.

A new trend is to describe oneself as centrist, meaning–according to what I call the nü-centrists–“one who looks at things from both sides.”

“Centrism is NOT agreement with parts of both sides!” I’ve been told.

“Centrism isn’t being a moderate!” they say.

Except…it kind of is.

You see, as with most things, it doesn’t matter what YOU wish a word meant, it matters what the word actually means and how the society views the term.

In other words, the term “centrist” is horrible branding. It has way too much baggage and means in the majority of people’s minds exactly the opposite of what the nü-centrists want it to mean. Continue reading “The Center”