Everyone Has A 9/11 Story

Sixteen years after the worst terrorist attack on American soil, and the world is still as dangerous and violent as ever. So few problems have been solved. So many seem to pop up by the day.

It’s almost as if violence and bloodshed, hatred and division, are indelible parts of the human condition. Who knew?

I was going to write about some negative aspects of 9/11, things people have said to me, and so forth. But then I realized, why dwell on the negative? Today we commemorate one of the most negative days in American history. I’d rather not add to it.

That’s why these kinds of commemorations–even dumb blog posts–are important. A whole generation born after 9/11 or too young to remember is now entering adulthood. It’d be tragic if these stories were lost, the event downplayed, or worse, trivialized and forgotten.

Remember the fallen and the survivors, remember the heroes, and remember our enemies. Just remember.

And listen. Everyone has a 9/11 story the way our ancestors had Civil War stories and Jim Crow stories and Depression stories and Pearl Harbor stories and civil rights stories and Vietnam stories. We all need an ear to listen, not for our own vanity, but so we never forget.

It’s cathartic. The rituals and reverence ensure that we take certain things seriously, which in the world of snark and smirking detachment we’re all occupying is more vital than ever.

So what’s my 9/11 story? Continue reading “Everyone Has A 9/11 Story”

Virtue for the Virtueless

Virtue signaling is self-love. It is narcissism. It is masturbation. 

Virtue signaling is virtue for people who hate virtue. 

It is the realm of the empty. When there is an empty space, the devil slips in. 

I am out of explanations for apologists to this latest round of jihad in London. 

It feels like I wrote about the Manchester bombing yesterday. Close enough. 

I am nearly as angry at the people who allowed these conditions as I am at the jihadists themselves. 

I am nearly as angry as the people who defend the jihadists as I am at the jihadists themselves. 

What compels someone to bend over backwards to defend an evil totalitarian ideology that has as its stated goal the death or conversion of every human being that does not ascribe to it?

Why the virtue signaling?

It’s self-love as a way to assuage self-hate. 

Anything that stands in the way of feeling good about oneself despite the gnawing void in the soil is treated as anathema. 

Even things like the truth. 

I’m out of any other explanations. The metaphysical it is. 

Maybe we’re getting near the end. Maybe humanity is just choosing sides now.  

What happens next? I don’t want to think about it. 

What a time to be alive. 

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The Danger of Double Standards

Of course I have to offer the obligatory and, sadly now, regular prayers for the victims of yesterday’s terror attack in Nice, the victims’ families, the survivors, and the rest of this crazy world.

So what next?

I’ve already made my point about how civilized people of all stripes should deal with evil  monsters who want to kill everybody not just like them–containment–whether they be ISIS or al Qaeda so I won’t belabor the point except to say two things:

  1. Some ways of life are incompatible; and
  2. Refusing to admit or name the problem doesn’t make the problem magically go away.

But this refusal by many in power to say that Islam–or, depending on who you ask, some perversion thereof–is the cause of this terrorism got me thinking about the root behind this refusal. It’s something that will get us all killed eventually.

Double standards.

Broadly speaking, double standards are killing us, as a nation and as a species which likes to think of itself as civilized.  Continue reading “The Danger of Double Standards”

Living with Wolves 

A house divided cannot stand, right?

It depends on what the division we’re talking about is. If we’re talking about the appropriate tax rate or how long prison sentence is should be, sure, you can survive division. Coexistence is certainly possible.

But if you are talking about those that literally want to destroy you, how can you coexist?

Living with those who want to murder gays just for being gay, treat women as third-class citizens, and stone apostates to death doesn’t sound fun to me.

But that is what a certain ideology wants to create here in the United States. 

Ideology? Which kind, the objective or the subjective?

We’ve already discussed how there are two types keep people: Those with an objective set of standards against which they measure their behavior and beliefs, and those who create their own standards of morality based on what they personally think and feel. The chances of ever changing the latter’s mind are slim, because for them to admit wrong would be to shatter their entire worldview. 

But you can’t overlook that those with an objective set of standards might happen to have a particularly bad set of standards. 

What if those standards happen to include killing or subjugating you and everybody like you?

You know, like what the Islamic terrorists believe? 

Change the standards, you might say, and you change he minds. 

Easier said than done. 

The standards themselves–legal, reigious, and otherwise–are tough to change, especially when they’ve been around for milennia. This is why you’d better pray that those standards are based on objectively true principles. 

Again, presupposing you can find the answer to the question, “What is truth?”

As the Orlando attacks, and other terrorist attacks here and Europe have shown, this problem isn’t just philosophical. It’s real. 

How do you coexist with the wolf that’s trying to knock down your door, come inside your house, and eat you and your family? Continue reading “Living with Wolves “

Magic Words and Wizards in Black Robes

The recent Orlando shootings . . .

First, let me offer my prayers for the dead and for the living. This is a monstrous act of barbarism and hate that must not be allowed to happen again. My thoughts are still too incoherent an rage-filled to write about it with any sense of perspective.

What I can write about is the reaction to it. Americans DO NOT LIKE IT when this happens because we are a good and decent people. Gay, straight, black, white–mass murder is WRONG and it is EVIL no matter who does it.

Orlando nightclub massacre

The reaction I take issue with isn’t even the so-called politicizing of this tragedy: Some things need to be politicized because the causes of it are political.

What gets on my nerves is many people’s insistence that laws could have stopped this. If only we had the right laws, the thinking goes, this never would have happened. Such laws, apparently, will also have the power to stop future terrorism and violence.

Laws are magic spells apparently!

This is amazing, since law school was the furthest thing imaginable from Hogwarts. They never taught us mystical incantations in law school.If there were magic classes, I must have missed them.

Pictured: Not law school.

All the laws in the world aren’t going to work. Why? Simple:

Laws do nothing to change human nature.

Laws provide disincentives for law-abiding citizens not to break them. If you’re a criminal–you know, the kind of person who generally ignores society’s rules–why would a certain combination of words stop you?

Laws are useful after-the-fact mechanisms for punishing, and sometimes rehabilitating, the wrongdoer. As the theory goes, making an example out of lawbreakers will deter others from engaging in the bad act. There’s also the theory that society needs to see wrongdoers get punished in order to have faith that the state is looking out for its best interest.

But generally speaking, laws don’t solve problems–if there did, there’d be no drug addition in America, right?

What really changes people’s behavior are not laws, but culture.

If you really want to change the world, go into entertainment.

But since most of us don’t have that option, we need to focus on what we can do.

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